French Nationality for Dummies

At this moment at least you do not have to give up your British Nationality to get French unless you wish to do so - one of the ore amusing bits was being asked if I wanted to ‘Frenchify my name’ which I really hadn’t thought about. I would have done other than thinking of how extra documents I would then have to wade through!

Emphasis please on the fact that over 65year olds do NOT have to take any sort of language ‘test’ but of course there is the personal meeting which is held in French, so some measure will be desirable. However my French wife was with me and fielded and translated where necessary, so I am sure you can have a French person accompany you during this part of the proceedings!

Yes there is the paper chase, but in all honesty what would you expect? I am sure thoseother than refugees are also subjected to the same thing in Britain?

I found the whole process agreeable with no-one trying to ‘trip me up’ - indeed far from it. So don’t panic, they really are NOT your enemies - despite what the Daily Heil says!

Also what the second round is all about! First round gives voters the chance to fire a shot across the bows of incumbents, but the second round is when the practicality settles in.
No matter how many times she changes the name of her Party she will never get in.

Small point, but ensure Birth Certificates are the ‘long version’ and not the truncated A5 version I had.

Norman… do you get the original birth certificate handed back ??? I’ve guarded mine for so many years… loathe to part with it…

they won’t take the one you’ve guarded for years - it needs to be a new one, Stella, normally less than three months old :wink:

I rather think xenophobia is not one of his failings, but I am far more concerned about HIS views on what systems HE feels are detrimental - with his extreme Communist background that sounds awfuly like the Bolshevik approach of 1917, and the suggestion that there should be someone ‘overlooking legislation’ - and I wonder who he was thinking of in that role? I don’t think France would be well-disposed to a Political Commissar.

Interesting read on this is ‘Red Victory - The History of the Russian Civil War’ by Bruce Lincoln. Melenchon fits the Bolshevik mould perfectly.

There are lists of approved Translators provided by the Prefectures. Overall my lot cost €35,00 which I didn’t think bad .

Yes. But take photocopies of everything as you know all originals are sent by post (be sure to register them!


I can recommend an excellent traducteur assermenté - if you PM me I will advise details

Bonne chance


We are going to take the plunge so I’ve just read Catherine’s guide (thank you, it is great) then immediately followed the link to complete the online form. And of course I have stumbled at the first hurdle: what does <<Êtes-vous pris en charge par un tiers>> mean? Are they asking if we have a carte vitale?

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Google translate: “Are you supported by a third party”
I haven’t read the document your refer to so not able to comment on context but if it refers to health care, it will no doubt be asking if you have appropriate health care insurance.
The CV is a different issue.

Thanks Graham but I am still none-the-wiser! Third party? Are they asking if I have a carte vitale? I assume I’m not if I don’t even know what it is LOL!

I amended my reply to reflect that.
The CV is something different; I believe they are asking if you have Health Insurance. The French health care system is not ‘free at the point of delivery’ as in the UK.
It’s a complicated issue and you might be best getting appropriate advice on this from @fabien SF’s resident insurance specialist Insurance brokerage services from Fabien Pelissier

It comes under the heading “Ressources”. They ask:

Êtes-vous pris en charge par un tiers ? (obligatoire)

Percevez-vous des allocations (allocations familiales, RSA…) ? (obligatoire)

Percevez-vous des indemnités journalières de la sécurité sociale ? (obligatoire)
(maladie, maternité, accident du travail)

Percevez-vous des revenus fonciers ? (obligatoire)

Percevez-vous des ressources en provenance de l’étranger ? (obligatoire)

It makes sense they are asking about health care cover so I’m going to answer yes… she says uncertainly! Dear God, day one and I’m already confused!

In France you provide answers ‘on your honour’. Speak to @fabien (his English is very good) and he can guide you through the process of getting appropriate insurances.

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Morning Katherine - welcome back to our jolly band.

I’m fairly confident that you would not really say Yes/Oui to a question you do not fully understand… on such a serious matter at Nationality.

In a completely different setting - yet equally serious - someone I know said Oui when he should have said a vehement Non - the result, wrecked his life.

I took that lesson on board and am very careful answering questions - whatever.

Hello Katherine

As Stella has already said you really should not be answering questions that you do not understand. That would be very foolish indeed.

You obviously need to get some help with this form before you make a huge mistake and cause yourself enormous problems.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you get it sorted.

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Hi Mandy and Stella

You are both completely correct! I am not really just going to answer yes (I was being flipant, sorry if the tone of my message didn’t make that clear). I have lived here 11 years so I know better than to be so silly.

I just hope someone can tell me what they are asking in this instance. In the meantime I’ve contacted Fabian as suggested by Graham and until I get a definitive response I’ve got plenty to do gathering all the paperwork from the four corners of the earth.

Thanks for the warnings though, it’s great that you are both so thoughtful

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Hi Katherine,

Don’t answer yes to all they are merely assessing the situation and you describe it as accurately as possible otherwise you might end-up being a fraud unintentionally.

To help you understand what each question means I’m copy/pasting and roughly translating them bellow:

  • Êtes-vous pris en charge par un tiers ? (obligatoire) => Are you someone’s dependent?
  • Percevez-vous des allocations (allocations familiales, RSA…) ? (obligatoire) => Are you perceiving some income from another French “fund” like the RSA, CAF, CPAM, PAJE, etc.?
  • Percevez-vous des indemnités journalières de la sécurité sociale ? (obligatoire)(maladie, maternité, accident du travail) => Do you receive any income from the French Social Security because of a sick leave, maternity leave or loss of income protection?
  • Percevez-vous des revenus fonciers ? (obligatoire) => Do you have any revenue generating estate?
  • Percevez-vous des ressources en provenance de l’étranger ? (obligatoire) => Do you have any revenue stream from abroad (from a French perspective… so the UK is abroad for us ;-))

No sooner said than done comme d’habitude from @fabien