French order on Britons' no-deal rights is now law

So all British nationals wont be rounded up and deported like so many have been scaremongering, unless Britain does the same. Sounds sensible to me.

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Indeed, but it still depends upon the UK govt reciprocating for EU nationals. Most of this - SI etc - is actually dependent on the UK govt & May is still using UK subjects in mainalnd Europe as a ‘bargaining chip.’

I agree wholeheartedly but I would add that as each day passes, the insignificance of the Queen gathers.
What is she actually for?

Can you please show me when Teresa May has used EU nationals as a bargaining chip? From all i have seen she has been totally upfront and that EU living in the UK will be allowed to stay.


Have you got any tissues please?
I just pasted my screen with chocolate cake…


What has Teresa May not been upfront about? She is one of the handful MPs that i actually trust. She is trying to fit a square peg in round hole good luck to anyone that can do better.

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Try this - not May I’ll agree but Fox had no qualms about using EU citizens’ rights as a bargaining chip.

Thanks Paul, If the question was does Teresa May have control of all her Cabinet then the answer would be no.

I’ve often advocated that the Royal Family should be made into cat food & their considerable wealth be distributed amongst the poorest of both UK & the remains of the Commonwealth…
They have yet to respond to my letter suggesting this.
We could always set the ball rolling with May, Hunt (especially Hunt), Mogg, Bojo, & that huge waste of flesh Pickles.

Yeah, get rid of Liz and replace her with a Macron or Trump figure.

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At least you’ll be able to get shot of them in 4 years if they don’t perform…

No idea about US, but in France, whether they perform or not… you still have to pay them, not only a salary/pension but also the whole kit and caboodle… the only difference is they no longer hold the title if they are beaten at the polls …

And the security etc

Yep… … little changes in their lives, except they will not hold the power they had previously… the cost of all these Presidents is a terrific drain on the public purse… but that is how it goes here. It would be much cheaper to keep the same President for 20/30 years or so…

A bit like Zimbabwe then…

no idea… but there should be a cheaper solution for such a quick turnaround… :zipper_mouth_face:

So we wouldn’t have the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, the Prince’s Trust, the Duke of Edinburgh Mounted Games etc.
Can you tell me how much the President of any country contributes to tourism?
The Royal Family are a constant in the life of the nation when politicians come and go.
Wills is changing the face of the monarchy and I think he should be applauded.
Your starting comment is disgusting.


I think Bob was being ‘dogist’ for only mentioning cat food.:grinning:

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this was in 2016 things have moved on