French quarantine regs

Can anyone point me to a reliable site regarding the French quarantine arrangements.

With the caveat that 6 weeks is a long time and things could, indeed probably will, change it looks as though it will be worth an attempt to visit at the end of July/beginning of August and that I will be able to exempt myself from quarantine on return to the UK - though the devil will be in the details I expect.

The UK side has a (lengthy) online form to fill in with spot checks at the ports depending on how busy they are that you have complied (ÂŁ100 fine if not).

What do you have to do to declare yourself to the French and how strict is the isolation needed (could I go shopping to get food, for instance).

As an aside the UK regulations are pretty draconian and the fact that it has been done by Statutory Instrument rather than primary legislation worrying to some observers.

Analysis here, if you are interested.

This is essentially the same as the info on

Not sure if you have looked at this reference Paul which seems pretty current…

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My feeling is that by the beginning of July the quarantines will be over, the French border will be open to all and Paul can come here without any hassle.

I think it will depend on the UK situation…

whatever… Quarantine is what it says… in my view…

Imagine all those dogs in quarantine against Rabies…
Oh, I’m only going out for a quick run… :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

Or Barnard Castle.


I suspect/hope that Tim is correct but am trying to plan/decide if likely to be do-able based on things not changing - you know, hope for best, plan for worst etc.

The site Graham linked to seems to be working with the assumption that casual travel into the country is not permitted - which won’t change for the “rest of the world” but France is opening its currently closed Shengen borders (inc UK??) on Monday I believe.

I’ll have a more thorough look later

We’ve the President talking to us on Sunday… he might have some interesting News…

but really, it’s very much a wait and see… annoying though that is.

You might be well advised to check on home delivery shopping… just in case. :slight_smile: :rofl: :roll_eyes:


Once the border restrictions are lifted, hopefully by the end of this month, then so far the French have said that any quarantine for other EU countries will only be if needed for reciprocity, and will be voluntary. So presumably that means no penalties for not respecting it!

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As per the page Chris linked and Jane’s comment this seems to be directed at UK nationals.

But, knowing how much the French love forms, does anyone know if I will need to have an attestation, or something online to say where my “voluntary quarantine” will be taking place?

Within the link I provided Paul:

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Thanks Graham - the attestations on that page seem to be the older ones (although the change on May 25 to also carry a declaration that you are free from symptoms is mentioned). If they are current it would imply that “casual” visits are still not possible.

Eg although the heading says:

we still only have the following reasons available

  • French National.
  • European national returning home but transiting France
  • 3rd country nationals residing in France returning home.
  • Cross border workers
  • Seasonal agricultural workers
  • Posted workers
  • Healthcare workers supporting the fight against Covid-19;
  • Flight and cargo crews
  • Hauliers
  • Seamen
  • Individuals able to justify custody rights, visit or accommodation of a child;
  • Individuals attending school, with an accompanying person (for minors);
  • Individuals able to justify the visit of a dependent relative or of a child in a specialized medical institution.

None of those apply.