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Hi all
Writing for tour values views and opinions. We’ve recently moved to France from the UK precisely 7 weeks ago. I have to register for a French resident permit based on my wife being a French national. In the requirements mentioned there is no mention of a health insurance.
What is mentioned in the section ‘Iam British , I have lived in France for less than 5 years, I am a spouse, partner or cohabitant of a French national’:
is a valid passport, a resident permit which I may hold, proof of residence in 2020, proof of marriage, the national identity card of the French spouse.
Is that all that is required?
Your views, comments or answers would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies about the typos. Meant to say writing for your valued views and opinions.

Whatever is on the list… is exactly what is required…

give it a go… it’s quite straight forward.

Yep that is it!

Thank you very much

Made my evening. Thank you!

Forgot to update you! Had my appointment at the prefecture in Bordeaux on 25th March. All papers in and waiting!


Was there perhaps a typo in your initial email? most people here probably came last year rather than more recently? I might have read correctly as I am not sure if spouses do not have two different tracks depending on if their residence began recently or last year?

It was on 25th Mrcg this year that I went to the prefecture. They said 6/8 weeks so I am waiting

Just been to my Prefecture, 55 the Meuse Bar le Duc, for fingerprints and photo. I asked them how many applications for Brits they were processing. 30 came the reply. Very shocked so few when there are supposed to be 2 to 400,000 Brits in France. Guess the majority live in the tourist areas. Brittany, Dordogne and south France.

You’re talking about the Meuse though! I wouldn’t have thought there were too many up there :wink:

Just thinking that had I moved permanently to 55, I’d have been doing the same thing. Lived in Saint Mihiel for a while.

The latest news was that they had received 135,000 applications. Quite a few people may have French nationality now, and quite a few may have decided to stay as second home owners and just apply for visas (or stick to 90/180).

Hopefully not too many are sticking their fingers in their ears and saying la-la-la, or living in ignorance.

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Hope you are right but if they are, their cases should appear in UK or French media come July :thinking:

Question about swap of 5 year CS for new AW carte. I helped a chap who holds a 5 year CS with his online application for a replacement AW carte. It asked for way more documents than my Permanent CS exchange. He was given the 5 year carte I assume for reasons of his personal circumstances. He is long term unemployed, has no income and no savings. He does have a Carte Vitale and as he is diabetic has his health bills paid by the CMU. He co-habits with a French woman but is not in a civil partnership with her. Having just received the Gov.UK update on citizens rights and if I have read it correctly there is a strong chance his application could be rejected. Any opinions or knowledge about how the 5 year exchange works? For myself I am like many here who have done the Prefecture visit I just patiently await the arrival of my AW carte.

During your first 5 years you need to meet various conditions, including resources and health insurance. And not leave the country for more than 6 months. So the application requires many more documents to prove this.

His tax returns will be critical. The resource threshold is very low (around 7k/year) but if he really has no income and no formal link to his partner to be able to benefit from that income then his chances don’t look brilliant.

Edit! i’ve just read what you said again…this person already has a 5 year card? So he has now been here over 5 years??? Or di he just get it recently? If he was here in 2015 or before then his income shouldn’t matter.

Thanks Jane. He has been here since 2007. His partner gets around 450 unemployment and the CAF pay a majority of the rent. His employment record is almost non existent.

I guess they might look at is whether he has been officially a legal resident for 5 years during those 14 years, and if he has no income then quite possibly not. So he won’t be treated as a permanent resident… it could be a good idea to put him in touch with one of the 4 organisations who offer help and support (in English) to get a WARP?