French resident permit

Hi all
Writing for tour values views and opinions. We’ve recently moved to France from the UK precisely 7 weeks ago. I have to register for a French resident permit based on my wife being a French national. In the requirements mentioned there is no mention of a health insurance.
What is mentioned in the section ‘Iam British , I have lived in France for less than 5 years, I am a spouse, partner or cohabitant of a French national’:
is a valid passport, a resident permit which I may hold, proof of residence in 2020, proof of marriage, the national identity card of the French spouse.
Is that all that is required?
Your views, comments or answers would be greatly appreciated.

Apologies about the typos. Meant to say writing for your valued views and opinions.

Whatever is on the list… is exactly what is required…

give it a go… it’s quite straight forward.

Yep that is it!

Thank you very much

Made my evening. Thank you!