French sales/aftersales service

Went specially to Inter today, specifically to buy some Bordeaux that they had on offer…buy and receive 50% back on your loyalty card…big blurb in promo! Took 20 bottles to cashdesk, ran them through and it only discounted me 3! Complained to cashier, who just shrugged and told me to visit the accueille. Queued there for 15 minutes to be heard and was told that I should have read the miniscule “cop out” on page 3 of the pub, which says that one is only allowed 3 of any promo, even though the wine in question was on page 36! Had to go through whole rigmarole of putting money back on my credit card, etc. Not even anything of a nod towards an apology for it being so misleading.

In the UK, have any crap like this at Morrisons and they jump through hoops to rectify it and readily take on board any complaints, and at the very least will apologise for misleading you. French stores couldn’t give a toss!

Take a look at my Amazon post, it would appear that here in France there is no telephone contact with them of any kind. Complaints and comments do not go anywhere on the website and several things Amazon UK and others do are missing. Now, in my humble view, if a worldwide company has a corporate image and comparable sales service, then they should include sales and aftersales service, but it appears that France does not. I do not want to appear to be French knocking, but how do the directors or other senior management get away with it here in France?