French senate report says UK must not be better off after Brexit

Bizarre isn’t it, I haven’t seen a single mention of this in the French press.
Thinking about the press’s editorial decisions - what it prints and what it doesn’t, and what it puts à la une - is almost as interesting as reading the stuff. Sometimes more interesting in fact :astonished: given that I can’t actually find a single piece of “news” in this report…

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Of course, there is always the Senate webpage… where everything is available… takes a moment to figure it out though…

This seems pertinent… was published yesterday

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Good link Stella. If it rains all weekend I’ll read it :grin:

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we will be spending the weekend in Perigueux… at an Exhibition/Bourse/Auction… which I suspect will not make things any clearer regarding Brexit …:grin:

Well I doubt that reading this report will either, since it’s only one report of dozens that might or might not be considered at some point - but having read the bits the Guardian decided to hightlight, I feel p’raps I ought to get a bit of context and find out what it actually does say.

I’m going to have a go myself, at some point… probably starting from the back as most folk give up before then … so that is often where the real stuff is hidden…:wink:

James my boy, will you do a lot of people a favour and stop reading The Guardian.

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This is just common sense. The EU is unlikely to be totally negative during negotiations as the UK is an important trading partner for many EU countries as they are for it. Europe will, however, have to ensure that Britain does not gain at the expense of any of the EU members so it will be impossible for them to be better off in trade terms with Europe (the UK’s main trading partners) once Brexit actually happens. It’s a bit like someone trying to negotiate themselves out of a commitment to a gym. They must have thought that the benefits of membership were worth it when they first signed up and now they have changed their mind it is in the interest of both parties that they are allowed to break their contract. It would be unthinkable, however, if the gym allowed them to leave but allowed them to carry on taking advantage of the facilities on more preferable terms than the committed members.
As I wrote before, Britain will leave the EU in a worse economic position that it currently enjoys. Only time will tell if it can benefit from being an independent sovereign nation and use its unique situation to rise to the dizzy heights that have been forecast and promised by the Leave team. My major concern is that not one of the aggressive Leave disciples who post on these forums has once explained how this miracle is going to happen.


Why do you say that Michael? Perhaps you would like to make a recommendation?

Sorry Guardian but this is not news. Anyone who is politically aware already knows this. If you voted for Brexit, do please stay secure in the knowledge thag you will make all British people pay a fortune for your vote. Furthermore, Theresa “Brexit means Brexit” May, is happy to go down with the ship that she is determined to sink.

James my recommendation would be bias and one sided just like yours are fast becoming.

Are you sure you’re not just being rude Michael?!

Rude NO, it just seems that your views on Brexit are taking over this site, just my opinion James.

You are welcome to your opinion Michael, as I am to mine. Don’t whine, write something.

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