French social charges

Sorry to drag people away from the UK benefits saga onto French stuff but.....

Can anyone tell me what social charges an individual needs to pay?

My husband works in various countries around the world but is registered for French tax, what else and how much does he need to pay for us to get carte vitales & child benefit etc?

One place i read that social charges are 29% of salary, that can't be right as tax is over 30% which leaves not very much. Does anyone have a clearer idea of which charges need to be paid?

Thanks (hopefully) for your help.

Haha, you are probably right.

Ouch, doesn't sound good but my advice is not to hide but to talk to the authorities to find out where you are and what you need to pay rather than have a hussier turn up on your doorstep in 6 months time!

Thanks guys,

I think we need to go to our local business for helping English people with the bureaucracy here and see what the official line is here. It may perhaps best to say nothing until they contact us as at this present time his job has just finished and we are struggling to pay the mortgage, a few extra hundred a month would finish us off completely.

In fact what I should have said earlier Pam is "watch out", you could be playing with fire here and get your fingers burnt badly. I think you need to be upfront with the URSSAF/CPAM (not RSI/CIPAV as he's salaried, or MSA if he's in agriculture) and swallow what they tell you - the downside of living in France is I think it's going to cost you a lot :-(

Also, your husband can't be dependent on your healthcare if he has his own income. And getting the CPAM to believe that he doesn't is great fun - NOT!

As far as I am aware you have to pay it all and if you are living here, you don't have any choice. Generally if you are salaried elsewhere you have to pay the employees part and the employers part making it about 40% in total. However, generally with the UK, you don't pay tax as you are non-resident so it kind of balances it out, especially with the tax being so much lower here.

However, Cameroon is a different kettle of fish, so can't help, sorry.

with you ;-)

Good memory Andrew, yes i am but i have had so little buisness it's not viable to continue, especially once the first 2 years are up, hence wanting to get my husband his own carte and us as his dependents.

Pam aren't you an AE? in which case you're entitled to a carte vitale under that scheme and it should cover your daughter too...

Thanks for the reply, we really wanted to find out a bit more before we went to the officials. If we are going to have to pay 29% contributing to everything then we would be a lot better off keeping private healthcare and private pension etc, but if you can just contribute to health & pension then that would be better for us. At the moment we can't afford to go along to the officials and risk being given a massive bill.

it's a very complicated topic and depends on your job, which scheme you are in etc. as Tracy says, the best thing is to talk to your local URSSAF and they will determine which scheme you join capm, rsi, cipav, msa etc. and what you have to pay. Bonne chance !

Hya Tracey, I know that tax isn't exactly 30% but it's a tiered system, and unfortunately for us my husband paid more than 30% in Cameroon which meant he didn't have to actually pay in France due to a tax treaty, we would of paid a lot less, i said 30% as an average figure,as depending on how much you earn and the size of your family it varies greatly.

I would like to know if you have to pay all the 'Social charges' or can you just say, pay for health & sickness in order to have health cover here. Or maybe just pay the state pension charges, in order to receive a state pension in the future?

Thanks for your help, it seems a very complicated topic.

This page from URSSAF seems to have starting information, there are lots of variables to choose from.

Tax is not 30% so not sure where you get that from? Social security contributions are very high and social charges are a different thing altogether, they are designed to pay back the national debt. Sure they will be someone along soon that is in the same situation and can be more specific.