French Speaking Cartoons for Toddlers to Maternelle

I've recently discovered Peppa Cochon (aka Peppa Pig) and Mimi le souris (Maisy the Mouse) on Youtube. My kids love them so I'm hoping they will absorb the everyday French they hear in these cartoons. Peppa Cochon has such a sweet voice and actually the programmes are based on everyday life so these would also be useful for adults to view. I'm certainly picking up a few bits of vocab and would recommend it to anyone trying to learn French.

go on google search and type in, Ludo zouzous webtv

its the preschool channel on french telly (france 5) that runs its shows all day long, they even have shows as old as me (little bear for exemple) they have all the english ones translated in french, (although peppa pig not a big one) they have plenty of others that i have seen on cbeebies before... you can either click on the 'live' showing which is non stop from 7am till 9pm everyday, or click on your favorite character and watch their shows! My daughter loves it...

Oh and its free and you don't have to sign up, you can just watch it!! which is even better!

Hope this helps

Hope x