French state helped fuel extremism by abandoning poor, Macron says - France 24

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I recall seeing a film whilst here in france I’m sure but can’t now remember the name or details. It involved the french president (in the film - so a fictional character) blowing up some of the large tenement buildings in Paris which were a tinder box for riots and trouble.
Or was it book?
Anyway, I think Sarky (for all his other faults) had the right idea when unsavoury types killed a policeman in Marseilles. He haanged the Prefect and shipped the buggers out pronto!
I think his mantra at the time was “love france or leave her”

Tough and authoritarian. That’s going to help.

Tough and authoritarian doesn’t help, what helps is treating people with respect, rather than simply stuffing them out the way somewhere and then ignoring them.
I watched a program about a scheme set up in Boston USA, urban regeneration of very very rough parts of town. Instead of bringing in outside contactor’s, high fences around everything and 24 hr security, the urban regeneration team brought in a handful of contractors who in turn trained up and employed the locals. Scheme was 100% successful, drug dealers became plumber’s, gang members became painters, electrician’s, Carpenter’s, bricklayers, gardener’s etc. Made perfect sense to me, turned a very very rough neighborhood into a very very nice neighborhood.