French Strikes over Pension Age Increase

They had the vote secured in the Sénat but it was likely to struggle in the Assembly…

Would they likely lose a confidence vote if called?

He did force

Almost as exciting as in Taipei parliament.

I would love to watch the video of the left members singing the Marseillaise!

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Stock up on flour and toilet paper, this may get ugly.

The strike by the binmen in Paris is already very ugly with arguments developing between the the Maire and the Government over responsibility for getting it cleaned up…

Macron does like the 49-3 bonjour la démocratie :pensive:


It had to go through. A good decision.

Of course it’s a bit rocky if you tell turkeys Christmas is coming


My heart is with the workers, but my brain is with Macron.


You’ll find it in this news article…

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Yes I feel the same. If things go on the same way, there will be no pensions worth having yet, this is a culture whereby they are all individual citizens and do not like change being forced on them without a vote rather than the government deciding and then using that 49.3 thing to force it through. As my son said, he has at least another 30years before he can retire and by then it will be a different world and the amount pensions will be given out at, well less than what they get now. Time things like all these over prescribed amounts of medications were curbed and other unecessary social security bill hikers were stopped which is where the main drain on government finances is.

Macron was already unpopular but this decision is going to make him universally hated, you have to have the public onside if you want to pass such controversial legislation.


My wife had 6 years of pension stolen from being 60 and having to wait till 66 and myself 1 year stolen from 65 to 66. We survived, sh1t happens and you have to get over it.
Retirement at 64 and not 62 is no big deal by comparison.
There will be demonstrations and possible rioting as is the norm in France when the masses are unhappy but it will blow over, eventually.
Just saying!


face - bothered? he’s in his second (and thus final) term and I very much doubt the Constitutional Council will see his move as unconstitutional and overturn it. He was elected on that platform after all and it isn’t something he just introduced on a whim.
As other have said with a sane mind - like it or lump it, he is protecting people’s retirement.
Mélenchon and Le Pen (did I see Ratface in there too somewhere) can spit and fume all they like to their own ends but at the end of the day the sheeple really have to realise that pensions have to be affordable now and in to the future.


Remember how outraged the people were with petrol increases amongst other things and the birth of the Gilets Jaunes was launched? Well, in my opinion they have since died a death because you never hear much about them any longer and I think this will go the same way. Unlike the Tories, Macron knows there is no magic money tree here and something has to give to protect future pensioners. Obviously some trades/careers cannot keep aged employees, the body can only stand so much before it becomes a danger to others and needs a complete rest and in many cases, surgery to replace worn out bits. At least 64 is three years less than the proposed UK age coming in a year or so. Where I lived previously, there was plenty of work advertised for all ages yet there were many young people in the village who preferred to stay at home,play on their video games and take the RSA and mess up any job interview they were sent to, they are the ones who should be out there adding to the coffers now as they will expect to be kept freely when they retire.

Driving back from Dole yesterday (approx 100 km away and departmental capital) main roundabouts were well occupied, with braziers burning and banners aloft. And gendarmes protecting the roundabout that gives access to the motorway. Didn”t look very dead to me!

The fact that news editors have decided it’s no longer a front page story doesn’t mean nothing is happening.

Not surprised, I’d already decided to take the back roads to Saturday’s Figeac market.

Yes but everyman and his dog have been out recently and all are waving placards and flags, mostly union ones. The Gilets Jaunes maybe amongst them but they were mostly weekend protests when they were not working so many of them would be union members as well.

Isn’t that splitting hairs a bit? Our roundabouts were full of people wearing gilet jaunes, protesting about one of the issues that was part of the gilet jaune campaigns, even tho’ the banners were mainly union ones.

Doesn’t that show that they have been successful so no longer a grass roots protest but one backed by the unions? A dog is still a dog even if one calls it a poodle.

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I am with Macron 100 percent.
Money does not grow on trees.

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The problem still remains of what do you do with the people who loose their jobs at say 50 ,from no fault of their own , who won’t be able to find work because of their age or where they live…There is absolutly nothing put in place for these people. Don’t forget that when you are out of work no payments are made into your pension no trimestres are counted so you no chance of a full pension. Who is going to pay the extra dole money ? Before putting in place a raise in the pension age these other elements have to be addressed.