French tax form 2047

For American residents in France filing out Form 2047 of their French taxes, In section 6, does one indicate the adjusted gross (taxable) income from their IRS 1040, or the taxable income AFTER standard deductions and exemptions? Thanks.

Hi John and welcome to the Forum.

Is this your first Declaration here in France ??

no, but I’ve never had the question resolved satisfactorily.

Surely, the French Tax Office will be able to tell you what to put where… ???:relaxed:

Well, its not fully clear. Just wondered how others are handling it.

John… you are losing me… what have the French Tax Office said… that is not clear ??

Information online from the French Tax Office is somewhat contradictory. Thanks for the help, Stella.

Online can be a minefield. :pensive:

However, when in doubt, speak face to face with the Tax folk. They are very helpful and it is in everyone’s interest to get the forms correctly completed.