French tax procedure

I declared French taxes for the first time this year.
When can I expect to get the ‘result’ from the authorities?
I need to know what France decides before declaring in USA.

August Peter. When you declare on line next year the calculation will be instant - unless your tax situation is particularly complicated!

Date de réception de l’avis d’imposition

Que vous passiez ou non par Internet pour déclarer vos revenus 2016, votre avis d’impôt 2017 sera mis en ligne dans votre espace personnel sur le site Internet des impôts entre le 24 juillet et le 21 août 2017. Les avis “papier”, eux, seront reçus entre le 7 août et le 7 septembre 2017.

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As I recall, I was told to expect a reply by 24 July. Last year my avis came spot on the day they had advised.
It may depend which département you’re in, because different depts have different deadlines. But looking at the fiscal calendar, the window for making amendments online opens on 1 August so they have to have finished processing them all by then.

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Thank you both!