French tax / UK endowment

(Ian Browning) #1

Hope someone may be able to help.
A UK endowment policy matured in January 2019 and I believe needs to be declared in my French tax return.
Do I need to declare the amount received on maturity or the profit after monthly payments during the last 20+ years are deducted.
Which boxes do I need to fill in.

Many thanks.


(stella wood) #2

Hi Ian…
… if it matured in January 2019 it will not be declared as part of your Worldwide Income received in 2018… ???

Mind you, you will need to ask them where to write the figures and which figures they want… for next year…

You might be best advised to visit your local Tax Office and ask them face to face…

(Ian Browning) #3

Sorry, it matured Jan 2018.
Thanks for your help

(Simon Armstrong) #4

Not possible to give advice based on the information provided. So many variables in terms of how, where and when maturing funds were paid - the allowed deductions and, most importantly your global financial status. Added to all of that you also need to consider the various types of tax treatment available for such transactions as a French resident.

You need professional advice.

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