French television app for ipad

Whilst in the UK recently a friend told me about an app for ipad so I could watch UK TV, BBC1, etc, whilst in the UK. It won't work in France. (Unless anyone knows better!)

What I was really wondering, does anyone know of an app for ipad here in France for the usual French TV channels?


You got it!

So it's not only builders that get their "diploma" on the channel ferries ;-)

Filmon is working great. Our TV can receive French TV, it has the box inbuilt. The wally disconnected our ariel!


I've installed the app that Krister suggested and it seems to be fine. (You probably need to be registered with the French iTunes store to get it.)

As for reconnecting French TV, it's possible that the complete idiot wasn't completely wrong if your TV is old enough not to support digital (TNT) transmissions. If that's the case, you need to either buy a modern TV or punt out about €30 for a little TNT converter box. These should be available in grandes surfaces or most Brico chains. Strong make a good one. There are probably dirt-cheap second-hand ones on leboncoin, as people who bought one a couple of years ago upgrade their TVs.

Thanks, Peter, but that isn't the problem. We have UK TV great. An English TV engineer who was obviously a complete idiot disconnected our French TV saying it wasn't available anymore. He's now disappeared off the face of the earth, probably because he doesn't get the work! I wanted French TV to see the rugby. Until we reconnect, I'd like just to watch it on my ipad.


Given where you live, as shown on your profile, I would have thought that you could get BBC & ITV via a Freesat satellite system without having an enormous dish. You'd then get the 6 Nations & plenty of UK rugby, for zero monthly cost.

I want the rugby! Certainly not football.

We use Filmon a lot. We each have it on our IPads and we have it on a laptop which we have connected to our TV. We rarely have buffering problems.
We get all of the programmes. The only exception was the World Cup … no great loss there then.

I can live with that. But thanks.

When it buffers and then resumes you lose the buffered bit.

Neil, are you saying about Filmon that you only get part programmes?


Using with iPlayer,etc. Very slow broadband here (.5mbps) so a fair bit of buffering but unlike FilmOn you don't lose any of the programme.

As Ian & Krister say, with a VPN solution you can use the iPlayer app from more-or-less anywhere. Back in the spring, I was in Dubai & watched the 6 Nations Rugby live using my preferred VPN solution - StrongVPN. The cheap version, which is perfectly OK for this, costs US$50 per annum, when I last looked. Strong have excellent 24 hour support, as well as Apps that set up everything for you on your iPad.

Thank you to Ian and Krister. I've installed Filmon to my ipad and it is superb. Just what I wanted. I can even watch Russian TV.


For French channels, there is this for example:

With the VPN solution called Freedome from F-Secure, you can easily "fake" that you are in the UK when you're really in France. Or in the US, if you want to watch Hulu. I think it's 27 euros/year.

Filmon has an app available from iTunes that will enable you to watch TV worldwide, including French and English. Ideally you should have a download speed of at least 2 Mbps.

BBC iPlayer has an app called iPlayer (Global) that will enable you to watch iPlayer for €5,99 pcm. You can watch the free iPlayer if you subscribe to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which anonymises your IP and makes it look as if it's in the UK.