French TV/Aerial

With the place I moved into, previously inhabited by a lovely English couple came an English Sky box, dish etc.

I know nothing of these things, and due to not having the internet for two months (thanks Orange, hehe) I watched more TV in that time than I can honestly say I have watched in my entire life until that point.

Additionally, my daughter now has an unsavoury taste for the telebox, and it must end!!!

Can anyone advise me on the easiest and cheapest way of going about getting French TV. I am completely clueless, so start from the beginning please.

P.S. I have a photo I have attached to this post, it doesn't seem to show though...

stick up an aerial (point it in the same direction as your neighbours' aerials, once the TV is on and tuned you can fine adjust the direction of the aerial) and plug it in to the TV, if it's an old tv then you'll need a tnt decoder that you can buy from 20€ upwards. enjoy ;-)

Contact Orange, use their receiver, although it will inevitably require a second dish to point to Astra 1.