French Vaccine Programme

Make sure you wear gloves for gardening, tetanus isn’t a nice way to die. Lots of older people no longer seen by the médecine du travail die of it every year because their vaccinations aren’t up to date.

:heart::heart: I know how to treat myself homeopathically should I get dirt in an open wound…

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Hot water and soap in non-homoeopathic doses is usually all you need but you never know.


We are not an inconsiderable minority…

In my experience open discussion without censorship (no censorship on SF by the way) by mainstream media and social media would be an open and honest first step…


when was the last time you went on a fast John? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think one person in the UK has died of tetanus in recent years but the propaganda abounds
I also think we have a lot of Klaus Schwab fans on here and no comment regarding pandemrix
oh well I guess either you think in terms of ‘being healthy’ or you watch too much TV :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It isn’t “gene therapy” although the AZ vaccine shares the idea of a viral vector - and, in fact, overcomes some of your objections to previous vaccine technology as the Pfizer/Moderna/AZ vaccines avoid the aluminium adjuvants.

A question for you, a bit unfair but it is possible that you will face this dilemma - if vaccination made it significantly easier to visit your mum in the UK (or even made the difference between possible and impossible) - would you agree to it?

Your last point is what tipped the scales for me, Paul :wink:

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Oh dear… If you read some objective reports on the subject you will probably change your mind.

You are not convinced because you have already made up your mind and to hell with social responsibility. You protect yourself by saying that you are not convinced of ‘asymptomatic transmission’
but I wonder if you would like to say that to one person who is now self isolating and another who is now in hospital because they caught Covid from someone with no symptoms. This is here in Burgundy and I know personally one of the people involved.


Why can’t you accept that her descion is personal and unlikly to change.Branding someone socially irrisponsible makes your argument subjective and pretty worthless.


I got vaccinated so obviously come down on that side of the discussion - but I agree with you Andrew that it’s a question of tipping the balance - there is merit to be weighed on both sides.

In particular, the right to be properly informed about and to refuse medical treatment is pretty fundamental to medical ethics, and indeed the law. I’ve had a lot of treatment over recent years and the doctors have been meticulous in explaining it (sometimes, I must admit, having to refer to their translation apps) and thrusting in front of me numerous confirmations of understanding and consent for signature. I noted that the vaccination effort here in France also started with these standard practices - with doctors taking time to explain.

I do wonder if too many corners have been cut both in vaccine testing and other aspects of medical best practice, such as informed consent, in response only to what amount to market-economics or media furore about falling behind other countries.


Helen, what are your top concerns about the vaccine and where do you get your information (if you dont mind me asking)?

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Hi Graham,
Unfortunately I’m stuck here in the UK but, I have had both vaccinations for Covid, thank goodnes for the NHS.

Whenever I’m have bloods done Dave :slightly_smiling_face: I gave Ramadan a miss this year (as I do every year).

They, the local authorities and the volunteers have done a fine job.

Are we still on topic???

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We just got an armful of Pfizer each this morning. Arms still functioning and no sign of hidden nanotechnology causing our brains to synchronise with the Martian Zionist Lizardpeople as suggested might happen on FB.

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I would refer you to other people who have posted on this forum who do not like either needles or vaccines, but, because of the appalling nature of this disease, have said that their sense of social responsibility has made them take the vaccine.
We are all in this together, whether we like it or not.


It was made abundantly by both AZ and the medicines regulator that no short cuts in vaccine testing took place. They were able to bring the vaccine into use because, instead of waiting for the inordinate amount of time that usually took place between presenting the evidence and peer review, this took place alongside the testing.
It just goes to show how much time is actually wasted in bringing medicines into use because of the huge amount of time spent waiting for peer review.