French Wildlife

I actually saw this year’s White Admiral on a patch of pink-flowered Valerian… it’s their caterpillars which need the Honeysuckle… :wink:

so the BFly will lay its eggs on the honeysuckle and then (hopefully) there will be caterpillars… and the cycle continues… :crossed_fingers: :+1:

and today’s Nature Trail showed us a Peregrine Falcon perched on a fence pole… and a rather long grass snake, slithering across the road in front of our car… aargh… how OH didn’t squash it, I have no idea…

Twas a Western Whip Snake I think…

we sometimes see them in our small garden… they like eating lizards :frowning:

If he had it may not have killed it. When I was driving in the Northern Territory of OZ in the suffocating heat of the day (no aircon in those days), I was warned about driving with the window down by the other drivers. The story is that if you ran over a snake with the front wheel it could be flipped up and into the cab. Then all it wants to do is bite the nearest piece of bare flesh, and trust me, there was an awful lot of bare flesh on offer.

Of course, Australians are very keen on tall tales so it could be another. Like saltie crocs in the river and scorpions in the bull dust.

We still kept our windows open, and stopped in the middle of the Victoria River to fall out of the cab for a cooling dip and, slept in the bull dust under the trailer in the noon day sun awaiting the arrival of dusk when we could load the cows and head back home.

So obviously just a big leg pull then, wasn’t it? :thinking:

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LIke this?


So sweet lérots :heart_eyes: I was sitting under an auvent earlier and could hear them charging about.

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Probably not! Although for cars not heard the window thing. When I first started driving I was under strict instructions that if I ran over a snake I had to immediately check it was still on the road. If they weren’t I was to presume it had flicked up and wrapped around the Axel, wind up the window and not get out until someone could check. Only happened once and drove up to Pa’s farm beeping like mad then had to yell out at him. He duly checked, shovel in hand but nothing was there, must have survived and slithered off. Brown snakes not worth taking a risk. You have about 20 minutes if bitten!!