'Frequent flyer' car rental

Hi All,

We have a house in the Charente Maritime, and we fly into La Rochelle. We don't go there often enough to warrant keeping a car, so we have to rent.

Does any one know of a discount scheme (e.g I see 'enter discount code' as an option on most booking forms), for car rentals if one commits to say 7 weeks a year or more.

I have enquired at one of the rental desks (Europcar) before and they gave a website to register on, but they were twice the price of just googling the best deal.

Any thoughts appreciated.



Thnaks Elaine, I'll look into that.

Thanks Marie-Antoinette, I have used Super U for tipper trucks but not cars, but maybe a taxi ride from the airport to the nearest super U may be a good way forward - I'll check it out.


Mark have you checked Super U store they have cars for rent and they are a much better price than Europcar or even Hertz, but they are not at the Airport so that maybe a problem.

We became Hertz platinum members when we were flying and renting. It opened up some good deals and gave us priority at the desk and we often got free upgrades.