FRIEND re united

I HAVE have just re established a friendhsip with a friend from long ago.

As youngsters we both were besoted with dressing up in our new oufits and

going where the music flowed.

As time moved on our paths divided and she moved in a different direction...on a very

strate road as an accountant with all the matching assets and material secirity.

Having given her my web address;.............tell her severks on that we are looking for a new

ride on mower. She had not realised that we have 2 acres of grass to cut and she had

not realised that there was a pool.

Infact I feel that she has not looked at the website.

She also suggested that I market my place!

WHAT does she think I do all winter long...DAY and night.

We do grow apart from our friends sometimes. Sadly i find that some people

seem to live as if they are encased in a sugar down....It does melt