Frightened of a lead

I hope someone may be able to make a suggestion.

I recently bought a beautiful black cocker spaniel in England. Now she is with me in France. She is four months old. I took her for a walk the other day on the lead, no problem. Then, unfortunately she got too close to an electric fence in a field and received some shocks. Her little heart was pounding madly. Now, if I try to take her for a walk on the lead she just lies flat on the ground and will not move. What should I do to try and correct this? Help please.

I am so glad to hear this, hope all goes well.

I tried as you suggested and it seems to have worked. Still a bit frightened of putting the lead on but once it is on and with some encouragement we can now go for a walk. Wonderful. Thank you all so much for you advice.

I agree with Louise about giving her a good association with the lead, treats and praise. It could take a while before it works. Otherwise, if you're using the lead on her collar, you could try using a harness with the lead. Maybe a completely new system will not have the same association. Poor little thing ....... My border collie at about a year old also got shocked by en electric fence near some horses, and it took a long time before she would go near any horses at all. She's fine now, even off-lead. Bon courage. Keep us posted.

You could try giving her a doggy treat, putting the lead on, giving her a treat and taking it off again so that she starts to reassociate the lead with good things and not the electric shock. If this is ok, and she doesn't lie down, leave it on a little longer but without trying to get her to walk, and still with a treat and praise.

She lets me put the lead on, her tail goes between her legs, takes a few steps then lies down.

Poor dog, she must have had such a bad experience and associates the lead with this.

Will she let you put the lead on? Or is it just when you try to walk her that she lies down?