Frogs for the garden

Where can I get some ‘common’ frogs (amphibians that is) for my garden.

No I dont want to eat them, I just rather miss their chirpy sound. I do have small bodies of water (in my garden).

As I child in the UK we’d ‘liberate’ them from the wild, nurture them from frog spawn of go buy them in the local pet shop…

Hi Alec… I’m just wondering if your “small body of water” would be sufficient to support frogs ? or do you really have a decent etang… ? :thinking::wink:

Yes that’s a thought…tho’ I have a friend with a decent sized one - maybe I could borrow his?

Frogs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea… :thinking::grinning::grinning:

We have a lake in the hamlet here and I can certainly vouch for their vocal abilities. Glad we live a couple of hundred metres away!

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I was joking about borrowing the lake of course …:blush:

Perhaps you’re right.

I have friends with a pond and loads of frogs… the chorus is amazing/amusing , but over the years it becomes a “little less amusing”… as the frogs multiply again and again…

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You’re a bit late for this year…but next spring in early April’ish look out for frog spawn in local streams/ponds. Scoop some up, take it home and voila! Frogs. If they hatch in your pond then they will be more likely to return to it. If you bring mature frogs in they may well hop back to where they came from.

I hope these frog owners win their case…completely daft to launch a legal fight over frogs croaking. We have had a policeman guarding our during peak mating season as they are protected, but also very tasty so risk being stolen.

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I think folk are being asked to let nature take its course… rather than “transplanting” spawn…

Looks like they may be protected here in France…ître-les-espèces

Our red frogs (g.rousse) are protected, but the green and brown ones aren’t as far as I know.

That BBC article is a touch two headed - saying in one sentence that the reason the UK has loads of frogs is because people move spawn/tadpoles and on the other hand it’s bad, but without really clarifying the extent of the potential risks.

Jane… I thought it gave some interesting insight into the possible dangers… and that was back in 2008…

Since then, folk are buying even more stuff which comes from who knows where… thus a real danger of introducing “baddies” in both plant and wildlife forms… :thinking::zipper_mouth_face:

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….most frog sawn is eaten by ducks and fish in my experience - liberating them to small bodies of water without ducks can save them…

Good to know the current world’s dramas are so insignificant in comparison…

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Yum :yum:

I reckon that if there are frogs near you… they will find you. Back in UK we had frogs even though we had no pond… just an old babybath sunk into the soil in a forgotten area…

I got the idea they used our place as a holiday home from down the road… as sometimes they were all over the place… then gone for another year…