Frontier workers

Hi does anyone have any experience with regards to French health care applications and being a frontier worker? I spend half the year working in the UK and the other half working twice as hard renovating an old farm house in Tarn and Garonne :grin: I plan to have an informal chat with the appropriate healthcare section of the NHS but wondered if anyone had any experience and what documentation I would need from them to show French authorities for my residency and French health care cover. Stay safe everyone.

Ermmm not sure I understand the question. What you describe doesn’t sound like a “Frontalier” to me but someone who chooses to work half the year, and holiday elsewhere for the rest of it.

Are you a UK or French resident? If you are a UK resident then unless you change residency in next 2 months you will have no right of access to French healthcare.

If you are a French resident then you may need professional advice as labour laws are complex here. If neither you, nor your employer, are paying the equivalent of NI here then I don’t see what right you have to access the French Social Security System? You would have to pay like everyone else, and pay social charges on your income too.

The two main exceptions are UK state pensioners where there is a european agreement that you can benefit from healthcare in another EU country, and posted workers where your UK employer posts you to work in France (the other exception is cabin crew).

This might help you understand the system here


That’s how i see it too, Jane.


Just to add, posted workers are by definition resident in the country from which they are posted therefore they are not covered by the withdrawal agreement. It is an eu scheme and the uk will not be part of it after transition.
Frontier workers are covered by the WA but as Jane says it sounds as if your main home is in the uk so you do notfit the definition unfortunately.

And frontaliers have to return to their country of residence at least once a week…

Thanks for the replies guys.

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Ahh well, at least he said thank you…

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