Frontline/Stronghold all year round?


I’m a little confused at the moment (it doesn’t take much with my pregnancy brain!) but my hubby took Stanley to the vets and came back with a box of stronghold. I said we normally use Frontline but the vet said he should use Stronghold every 3 months and Frontline in between. What’s the difference?

Does one include worming ingredients or do I also have to give him a pipette of Drontal spot on too? How frequently?

My French neighbour who is looking after our cat whilst we’re in Blighty says she only needs to put Frontline on from March through to the end of August as that’s the flea period. I’ve left her a full packet so she can carry on giving it to him monthly as we’ve always treated him all year round & he’s never had fleas with me (since I took him on as a kitten when he was riddled with them).

I’m back home every month but she’s currently on flea pipette duty - perhaps I should take over this from September when he’s apparently due a Stronghold. For years I just gave him Frontline every month no problem, now I’m confused as to what I should be doing with him.

Any help much appreciated.

My vet in France tells me that Drontal is for worms only!! Give as little as possible and wherever possible use only what you are familiar with.

Hi Suzanne

Oh gawd… now I’m confused as well! A year ago Vet A gave me Stronghold for my Zorro and I could have sworn he said every 3 months so that’s what I did. Then, whilst googling for a different feline thing I noticed that Stronghold was a once-per-month like Frontline. I’d run out of Stronghold so got pharmacie (much closer than vet) to order me a packet to tide me over till next vet visit.

As it happens, I ended up having to go to the vet yesterday, but this time it was Vet B. Quizzed him about Stronghold and he confirmed it should be applied every month. He also told me that Stronghold only treats certain internal parasites and I now have an additional spot-on product called Provender that is a once-every-threee-months thing.

Let’s hope your thread will help both of us! :slight_smile:

Hi Suzanne,

Whilst I am no specialist, I would say that if you have had no problems with what you have been doing with the cat to date, why change it? I think the French are too quick to throw chemicals down the throats of their pets. They are not pleased if they leave the Doctors without an ordnance for plenty of lotions and potions and are clearly the same with their pets. There is a Frontline on sale here which you can only get from the vet (and vets in the UK do not give it willingly). It actually treats the HOME as well!!! Can you imagine how powerful that is. No, I think it sounds as if you have been doingfine with him so far, so, if ain’t broke, don’t mend it!!


Norah B

Hi Suzanne,

unfortunately I can’t help you with information on these brands since we have completely stopped giving our cats any of these chemical anti-parasite products, since it’s almost a neverending battle. In order to have a flea free home you also have to deflea almost every single piece of furniture, bed, carpet etc. and this is just not possible in our home.

Maybe somebody else here is better informed than me!

I give our cats globuli when the flea season starts: appis mellifica for stings and ledum for bites. Feeding them yeast tablets also seems to have an effect: fleas don’t seem to jump on them as much as before.

Since they are strong and healthy cats their bodies just have to fight the fleas by themselves.