Frosts Last and First

Does anyone have a link to info regarding last and first frosts in their area please, I don’t want to get caught out with the outside plumbing again.

We’ve had ice on our outside table the last 2 nights❄. (23)

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WoW! It’s been lovely and cool here at night for the last 2 nights, but not yet frosty.

Pretty close to us in 87

Yes frost here in 23, 1 degree yesterday morning.

Nowhere near frosts here in N24 yet, but the pond is cooling gradually and drops a degree or so every 2 or 3 days. Today it has been a constant 16 and for the first time I have only done 2 lengths morning and evening. I could do more if I put my cap on but it is far too early for that although the brain freeze starts after 2, 14 metres. The air temperature in the shade just now up there is 22c.

I reckon that in this era of climate change, historical data relating to when frost may be expected is not so reliable as it used to be. Probably best to think about isolating and draining the outside plumbing soon now if you don’t need to actually use it.
This link to France Meteo will give you a general monthly guide for your area. | Météo France

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Thank you

You are welcome.
In relation to the France Meteo link, and in view of the changing climate, you may wish to consider the figures for 1 departement north of your location, and also 1 departement east. We are on the eastern edge of Vendee, so the figures for Deux-Sevres are actually more relevant for us.

Funny that @Robert_Hodge, we live in the North of the Dordogne and only pay any attention to reports for Bordeaux, or anything vaguely SW. Indeed my first daily job is to look across to the western hills to see if they are misty, which means rain heading our way.

Sadly the only mistiness in months has been smoke from Les Landes’ fires. :neutral_face:

weather is such a moveable feast… and one part of our commune can have lashing rain or fog… while the rest of us have brilliant sunshine…

over time one learns to read nature’s signs… and/or talk to the tree frogs… :wink:

I agree entirely that the south western quarter is the place to look for rain, but when considering the likelihood of frost, then it is to the north and east that we need to divert our attention.
Traditionally, here in Vendee, the main prevailing wind used to be from the south west which brings us cloudy, mild, wet weather. Unfortunately, we now receive long periods of north easterly winds which tend to be dry, and in winter considerably colder, especially at night as there is no cloud blanket to retain the warmth of the sunny days.
The variance in prevailing wind throughout the entire year is what contributes heavily to the water shortage problems now being experienced in this area which previously did not occur.

All that is true, and I wonder why you are seeing such a fundamental change in your wind source. The knee-jerk reply would be ‘climate change’.

Obviously we do get the occasional icy blast from the north and east and perhaps my general view of the weather is coloured by the fact that we have tall trees immediately to our north and east, thus protecting us from the worst of low temperatures. In fact our house and garden, yes our house and garden, not the neighbours, the nearest only 100 metres away but outside our protective covering, sometimes get frost when there is nothing here. Just a little bit further to our SW our other neighbour, also further down the slope, gets even more frost and more often.

A true micro-climate. and the main reason I suppose why I can swim in my pond all year round because it is tucked at the highest point of the garden almost completely surrounded, including above, by trees. :joy:

Last Frosts … the neighbours are always cautious before the “saintes glaces”

We’re still a long, long time away from our first frosts here in Brittany. It’s very rare for us to have a frost before Xmas, and even then they’re still rare most years (hence the grass grows all year here - indeed if this last year is anything to go by, it grows mainly over winter!).

I think that regardless of the debate as to what may be considered the cause, there is little doubt that the climate is changing.
The jet stream seems to take unusual positions more frequently, and there are often substantial high pressure areas over the mid-Atlantic which block the arrival of the traditional wet and windy depressions. The Atlantic low pressure areas seem to be frequently displaced northwards towards Iceland rather than sweeping in up the Western Approaches as before.
The effects of climate change vary in different areas. Some places have increased incidences of specific things, while other areas suffer from things that happen less frequently, but there is no doubt that the climate has changed, and is continuing so to do.

I have noticed the weather pattern deteriorate over the years.
although I check meteo daily… my dad’s barometer is more accurate :+1: :+1: :wink:
and, in my mind, I hear him bellow “don’t tap it” just as I tap gently… :rofl: :rofl:

I agree, and I merely meant that the change you have perceived might immediately be labelled as such without investigation. :smiley:


my dad’s barometer is more accurate :+1: :+1: :wink:
and, in my mind, I hear him bellow “don’t tap it” just as I tap gently… :rofl: :rofl:

I do that to my old sea captain uncle’s brass barometer every morning and keep meaning to clean the greasy mark produced over the years. Maybe today. :rofl:

BTW, I heard many years ago that a light tap was encouraged as it showed the direction of travel rather than just recorded recent change. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m unable to resist, just a gentle tap… and sometimes the free needle flickers and sometimes it doesn’t blink an eyelid… no matter… it’s very, very accurate.
and, yes, I do a check on the mercury/pressure/whatever about once a year. never needed any adjustment. :crossed_fingers: