Fuel price reduction/UPDATE

Fuel price reduction from Monday by 36 centimes for eight days for France.


It’s good news… Hurrah.
and we’re also discussing this on the Energy prices … thread.

Is this for every retailer or just Leclerc?

Fuel price reductio from Monday

Reductio? Is that a Harry Potter spell that works on fuel pumps? :joy:

Cries of “Petroleum Reductio” will be heard across the land as young motorists wave their wands in search of fuel at a magical price. :wink::smile:


Hope they do the same when it increases :wink:

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Probably why all the Carrefour service stations put the diesel price up by 12 cents today,i think there is quite a lot of profiteering going on here.

I noticed it had gone up nearly 20c today :roll_eyes:

Thanks. Have already noticed that Luxembourg is now only 4 cents cheaper than France. Normally it is 26 cents cheaper. But for the tobacco and other stuff it would not be worth the 45km journey.

Other stuff yes, tobacco no, stay indoors and just set fire to euro notes, its healtheir.

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How much is a litre these days on average, leaving out rip off motorway prices?

Paid 1.776 this morning at intermarche for gazole. It was priced at 1.829 when we got there and was reduced while we were in the supermarket!


Can you rember for petrol, I am on petrol with the new wagon now.

I think about 1.729 for SP95 can’t remember for SP98 sorry.

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Thank you :relaxed:

It will be cheaper than that though because that was the price on the tall display when we drove in.

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I don’t know if this site still works, but it seems to still show the pump-price anyway…
and any reduction is made after the fuel is taken… (ie on the ticket…)

you can check out your local stations…

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