Fuel shortages

(Catharine Higginson) #1

Are you affected yet? Are the pumps running dry near you? Does anyone really have any idea what is going on?

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #2

All back to normal now round our way… we’re fully fueled up!

(Maria Warren) #3

None at St Hilaire de Riez, St Gilles de Croix, there was some at Challans but that has gone now, pretty bleak round here…And it is limited!!

(Keith Taylor) #4

Hi everyone, I’ve just got a friend to dog sit my poorly pooch for a while. Went to top up my car, just to be on the safe side. Sales limited to 30 Euro per person,( Villefranche de Rouergue, Aveyron) We are not as bad off as they are in and around Paris by all accounts.
What is the situation where you are today?

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #5

hubby got stuck in Paris CDG yesterday as no fuel to go to Dublin due to strike. After hours of waiting he boarded a plane for Stanstead which had surplus fuel, they touched down, refuelled & then went onto Dublin. I dread to think how much this mayhem is costing Air France. They gave him 1000 flyer miles to say sorry, but it lost him a day’s money which when you are on a short term contract is very frustrating.

He has enough petrol to get home this weekend (assuming he can get back from Paris to Montpellier) but he is highly concerned about getting stuck in Paris & having me go into labour. It’s a stress we could do without at the moment.

(Catharine Higginson) #6

A friend has just phoned to say don’t even bother going to Dax as its basically shut down by protestors and police. I expect its even worse in larger cities?

(Maria Warren) #7

Yesterday no fuel anywhere round here, but today in HyperU at Challans managed to fill up but we are driving to Calais on Friday…bit worried about getting caught en route!! Whats it like around Rouen/Le Mans/Alencon???

(Catharine Higginson) #8


Three times in the last year, I’ve tried to go back to the UK.
First time = extreme snow
Second time = volcanic ash
This time -decided to drive so I could take my dad his birthday pressie and bring goodies back = no fuel.

Is someone trying to tell me something…

(Tracy Thurling) #9

Not too sure what’s going on but nearly all the pumps near us in Burgundy have run out. We have 3 garages locally, one is closed, the other 2 have no diesel and have empty signs on some of the other pumps and enormous queues waiting to fill up. In town this morning (Beaune) all the garages had queues out onto the main roads so I’d be very surprised if they are still open. I’m toying with the idea of phoning my boss tomorrow and saying I can’t come as the trains are on strike and I have not enough fuel to get there and back - 40ks each way. It’s not exactly true but I’m really cheesed of that I always take the train but haven’t been able to for a week now and will have to use school run fuel just to go to work! At least I’m grateful the kids go private and I haven’t had to take days of work to look after them as well.
I totally disagree with the strike and am well hacked of with the whole thing!