Fully Comp or Third Party?

Can someone please enlighten me ?

I have a Peugeot 206 (2004) and a Berlingo van (2003) which are still insured as fully comp (toutes risques). Is it time to change the policies to third party (un tiers) ?

What are the advantages other than financial of changing ?


In the UK I looked at this for a Mondeo, the third party policies were actually more expensive!

It turns out that the insurers view the sort of driver who wants third party only as a significantly higher baseline risk.

Have you had some quotes, is there likely to be much of a saving? If you did have an accident which was your fault could you afford to replace your car?

Can’t see any advantages except possibly financial

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Hi Paul,
My ‘main’ car is a 308 but I run the Berlingo cos’ it’s practical to have for going to the tip etc and avoids having a trailer etc. I don’t do many kms nowadays so wondered whether it was practical to have fully comp ?
The 206 is in my name but was used by my son for about ten years before going off to the UK. Again, very little milegage nowadays except when he comes over or if I give it a spin.
I always assumed third party was loads cheaper but i’ll ask the GAN for a quote .

In that case why not consider a “petit rouleur assurance”.
I have this fully comp on a fairly new Lancia Delta and it saves me a fortune. It allows up to 8000km per year.

One of these @Anglozone ? :sunglasses:

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Not quite :rofl: :joy: But what a car !

Trying to find a pic of the outside. I :heart: my car.
When I was little I always wanted a VW beetle exactly Like Herbie, who fell in love with a Lancia too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That sounds great Tracey, i’ll call the GAN next week.

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Why not speak to @fabien to provide options?

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Love the Tracey plate, looks like you’re a bit of a girl racer with a sun roof, have you got chrome exhaust pipe ends & go faster stripe?

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It looks in pristine condition and with the plate what a unique model :wink:

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Hi Peter, happy if you send something my way but car insurance is not the strongest branch with “Gan” (which has been purchased by Groupama so they won’t be diversifying or try to fix this). Groupama is a good alternative (but not necessarily the best it depends on where you live) and in General this year the good options are Direct Assurance (but they are not English speaking), Suravenir (depending on where you land they may have English speaking agents), Thelem or Areas. Of course you can also find tons of local insurers / mutuelles which can be very good but I’m considering nation wide insurers :wink: And if you’d like to get in touch to know more :point_right: fabien.pelissier@pepite-courtage.com but don’t feel obliged my advises always come free of charge :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the numberplate air freshener really belongs on Peter’s other thread, pretty naff, I agree (a souvenir from Greece) :greece:

Yes, so did I - it might well be the case in France that they are, it probably depends on the vehicle and driver as well but I was completely taken aback when all the quotes for TPFT I got were more than the cheaper fully comprehensive deals.

What advantage, other than financial, could there possibly be?