Funny....but depressed

I was sad to hear that funny man Robin Williams ...apparently took his own life,

I am hopeless with names of actors and putting a name to a face but I knew of Robin Williams and had seen him in films.

Life is short for those who find true contentment....but too long for those who can not conquer serious inflictions such as drugs, drinking and depression.

So I just hope that if I notice a friend in need of comfort I will be there to help.

Kind conversation saves lives.

Kind conversation saves lives.

Perfectly said Barbara. So very true.

People are everything.

My work in Uk as a restauranter revolved around keeping a good working

relationship going in the restaurant. Good intereaction with the waiting staff

and the kitchen people and hoping that this all reflected on the way we all

treated the clients.....ensuring that everyone knew their job and enjoyed

their job.

Now that I am in France I am still involved with clients.....hoping that they

have a wonderful time whilst they are here.

Maybe if I had been the studying type I would have been a psychoanalyst as I

love the art of understanding people.

First instincts about people are almost always spot on.

Some times I find that the "dark side" of a person is intolerable and then I have to back off

and discharge a friendship.

By dark side I mean aspects of a person`s character which is unkind in some way or even cruel....

or lacking in integrity.

Who knows what goes on in another person`s mind unless we ask...unless we are there for them.

Yes the arrival of an illness coupled with depression may have been just a little too much to live with.

We really must consider how easy it is to isolate others, to intimidate, bully or mock.

Once this has happened to you it is not easy to forget even though you try to forgive.

You know what I mean....What happened.

From the news this morning, Robins wife confirmed he was in the early stages of Parkinson's disease but hadn't gone public. Maybe the thought of what was to come was too much to bare on top of his other issues.

Brian - where did you read this?

They say that inmates in French prisons have the highest suicide rate in Europe.

The highest suicide rate is in the eastern block incl Russia, but Japan is not far behind, at it's always had a very high suicide rate! A lot of the suicides are seasonal! More men commit suicide than women.

Plus reading in the news yesterday that two-thirds of depression sufferers in the UK get no treatment it is a wonder the UK does not have that (dis)honour!

One of them already has problems with Asperger's and ADHD, so very difficult.

I quite agree Brian, when you start something you never know how it will affect others.

Yes and look to yourselves. Do not let what Churchill described as his 'black dog' take you to that sad place.

We have just had the very sad news that a father has committed suicide in the USA and has left two young children fatherless, so to anybody out there who is supporting someone vulnerable, please take extra care of them.

Nanu, nanu!

No he's serious. We do photos on this site because it tends to make things more amenable and better mannered.

cheeky chappy

sorry I really meant Robin Williams!

I know, i'm not an idiot Diana !

I know only too well counting blessings doesn't change much, it was a figure of speech, no more so don't be so touchy.

Any chance of a photo Diana ?

absolutely, as I said it cold at the top, as who can you trust, lots of people wants you because of what your are not who you are, and I'm sure he felt very lonely many times, or it could just be that is how he felt, who knows...shall miss his wonderful mad funny of a kind...feeling sooo sad that he is no longer... :)

By the way did Robbie Williams say this?

I did not want to die Alone but even worse is to die around people who make

you feel alone.....

OR SOMETHING like this.

J my partner, by the way can not understand the concept of the forums.

And why I offer my views to complete strangers.

But from strangers we can find new friendship and exchange ideas.

I have said before that SF is a place to meet....the bar in the village

square without the wine or the coffee.

J has said that Robin Williams was in many ways like Stephen Fry....very

intelligent and with a something special that took you away from the need

for a Hollywood or Bollywood glamour boy.

Both men lacking contentment and peace of mind.

Both men deeply depressed.

...but then the media is 'sooo helpful' informing us, the public, about the famous and their misfortunes, as the end of the day they are only human beings, and it's rarely easy on the top rather very lovely at the top, as who can your trust when you 'are up there'...and yet, if you do not talk about your problems, they mount up to more than most can manage on their own...that's why people use 3rd parties ie therapists, and today, it's not just an ' American thing' - it's just OK if it helps the person(s) for family and sometimes friends are too close to the core... :)