Furniture and generally fitting a place out

I’m amazed not to find more recommendations for Emmaus. OK they are probably open only 2 days a week - typically Weds and Sat - but I have found some wonderful bargains there - beds, armoires, dining tables etc etc. I’ve part-furnished several houses with a combination of them and Ikea. There’s certain to be one near you - just google it.

Chris, I have not got their duvets, but their pillows are good.
We are using John Lewis duvets, I have a 1.5 tog at the moment and, 4.5 for the winter. No problems as yet.
I have Coolmax sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases and a special cool mattress cover, as the mattress is Dunlopillo.
You can 'phone them, they are very helpful and everything is made in Scotland.
Please tell them thst you got the recommendation from me at Aux Tetes, Trivy.

Thanks Jane, I’ll do that if we order. After 3 faulty duvets from JL we have had enough of them!

Thank you Harriet - I will keep them very much in mind :slight_smile:

Well Glenn - I imagine you need some comfortable furniture for your own use - i.e. sofa etc, and if you want brand new then DFS send to France - actually their MD lives not far from me. There are also other companies that oblige and send from the UK. Where I live in Sud Vendee the local Emmaus branches stock old French furniture which is large and cumbersome, but if you like that kind of thing it can be upcycled with Chalk paint to look very nice. Many French people are getting rid of their old large pieces of furniture as there is a trend to downsize into modern bungalows. It seems it is the British who seem to buy old buildings to renovate. Good luck with your searches.

Hi Rosie, yes without doubt i expect it will be a blend of older and new in cases. I love some old characterful furniture, to suit a building/rooms. However , i too have noticed the abundance of large furniture… trawling through property adverts, it seems part culture of that’s the way it is. … will remember to try and not put too much in one place :slight_smile:
Thanks, and always useful to know companies that would deliver across la Manche.

TROC - that’s how we furnished the hotel

Great, thank you Roger :slight_smile: