Furniture needed near LODEVE

hi there we are furnishing a 4 bedroom house near LODEVE and wondered if anyone has advice. we need 2-3 double beds din ing table chairs the whole kit an caboodle! beds ideally would be like Litanoff and Fawcett in the uk and overall we would like it to be cheap (who doesn't) but better quality than IKEA which is our backsyop in MONTPELLIER.

Hi there thank you for your offer but Agen is a 4 hr drive from me and therefore too far.

Hi Pete,

I have a 4 bedrooms house full of furniture which I would like to sell, Furniture that woud suite the old stone Farmhouse style house

I don't know where LODEVE is but I am based 1 hour east of Bordeaux. 1 hour north of Agen, .... in the 33 Department.Perhaps you could give me a call if you are interested.

Talk soon,


Hi Pete

I would post a photo - you'll find you will get a response when other members can see who they are 'talking' to - bonne chance!