Future Property Prices in France

Hi - I am looking to buy in France (South West or South East) sometime in the next 5 years. I’ve tried to research the future predictions on property prices in France but most of these articles are written by property companies and therefore I’m not 100% sure they are completely objective (they tend to predict a decent growth of demand and increase of price houses in the market). What do you think is going to happen to the housing market in France this year and over the next few years as the proposed probation period ends? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Lauren…

Frankly, I feel it is impossible to assess how property prices will react over the next few months, let alone years.

Each Department can seem to be a law unto itself re prices… and within each Department there will be pockets where prices hold-up and other parts where prices are at rock bottom (almost give-away). :upside_down_face:

There are official articles, but you have already found them… :thinking:

Thanks a mill Stella - that confirms the unpredictability - I must check out where the rock bottom prices are (I’m an eternal wannabe frenchie at heart :slight_smile: )

Which area of France are you thinking of??? and what sort of property???

Ideally within 1 hour of Ryanair/Aer Lingus airports and within 1.5 hours of coast. Property - min 3 bedrooms and a good sized garden. Max 80k (but a lot less than that even better). At least that’s the dream :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sounds just like my house…


Well within the realms of possibility.
You need an open mind and a good imagination.

Ideally, come over and tour the area. We did that for a while and finally hit lucky.

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Definitely will do. Thanks a mill :slight_smile:

You just need to come and have a look. In our area (33570) you coundnt get what you want for that money, for double the money it may be possible - but work may also be required which is very expensive (up to double UK rates).

If being bought as a holiday home then a large garden is a maintenance nightmare - grass in France grows very quickly at certain times of the year.

There are websites that give an indication of previous house values and over the past couple of years prices have gone up.

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Many thanks Mat. Garden maintenance is a good point to think about …would be a pain having to face an overgrown meadow for each visit alright :slight_smile: Thanks a mill.

The advice I was given when we bought our first property in france 20 years ago was to forget the UK attitude of property as an investment, and not expect anything of it but a home. Instead think hard about what you need from a home (and therefore likely to be what future purchasers might also look for). Which we did, and have been quite happy and the property that we now live in probably hasn’t gained a sous in value in 10 years.


We bought our house in the mid Var in 2004 and pumped another 33% of cash into renovating it. Probably subsequently spent another 10 to 15% on “enhancements “. I would expect to sell it for not much more than the original price plus my investment. IMO outside Paris, Nice, and a few others, including Bordeaux currently, there’s not lot of volatility in the French Property market, even in sought locations like the Var. So my advice is there is no need to rush to buy.

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I can second that advice

We have about 2400m2 of grass - hoping to spend at least some of our retirement in our French home we were attracted by a decent amount of outside space.

I’d estimate that at least 1/3, perhaps even 1/2 of our time in France is spent on garden maintenance - it is not yet too much of a chore but it is definitely something to consider (we are still looking for a gardener who does not charge so much that it is only slightly more expensive to come over and mow the grass ourselves).


We bought our very very small holiday home “house” just outside Sainte Maxime (83) in 1991. It has a nice outside space and is located 100 meters from a nice beach.
The value has yo yo’d over the years.
Simply put as follows…
A couple of years after the purchase it had halved in value. A few years later was worth the original purchase price. A few years later it had doubled and a few more years doubled again. Presently nearly 30 after we bought it “might” be “worth” twice what we paid for it all those years ago.


In the beginning, we sought a holiday home… and hoped, eventually, to move permanently to France.

Thus, we sought a property without much land… so that holidays and swift visits would not be taxed with gardening (which already occupied our weekends in UK).

We found a super place in the heart of a small village… yet not enclosed. The back of the house looks down and across a lovely valley, giving us the feeling of spaciousness, just without the gardening responsibility… :wink:

We decided to buy this and use as a stepping-stone for when we were ready to make the final move.

Huh… our plans were brought forward and now, 20 years later, we are still in the “holiday house” we have made our home… we love it and the situation and would not change it for the world. “Stepping-stone”… not on your life… we’ve found that life in the heart of the village suits us down to the ground.

Just goes to show that all the carefully made plans can be thrown out the window…as real-life takes over :wink: :hugs:


Invest in a robot mower. Two neighbours have them and I lust after their lawns! When we walk past they are often sat outside eating, drinking and making merry while their robot trundles up and down. One of them says he likes to sit on his lounger tracking its movements on his phone. Unfortunately my OH is against the idea at the moment, but I’m working on it.

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To clarify;
3 bed
4500m² field & garden
separate self contained accommadation
less than an hour from Carcassonne
90 minutes from the Med.
was valued at 80k in 2011 for my divorce
well served village
don’t get a mower; get geese…once they’ve eaten the grass, dinner is served
When would you like to move in ?


Aw - that’s such a lovely story. Don’t they say that ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making plans’ :slight_smile: That’s one particular thing about France - it’s all about living in the now rather than tick boxes and the future. Sounds like the house found you and kept you :slight_smile:


Ha ha …how does tomorrow sound? it does sound like what I’d like - I’ve 3 more days before returning to work …so a bit of time to change things altogether :slight_smile: If you’ve any photos, do send them on (not sure I’m in a position to buy yet but who knows what might happen on the finance side here …though you’d have to throw the geese in for free :wink:

Sounds like a great idea. I’ve an acre here and even on a ride on lawn mower it takes at least 1.5 hours to cut every 1-2 weeks …time I never get back :slight_smile: A neighbour here actually has one - might have a chat with them on costs/maintenance etc (now if only it could be remote controlled from a different country that would be even better).