!£$*** gaine

Given that I am currently trying to chisel out a 2cm x 3cm x 3.5m channel to lay the stuff in for the new kitchen “prises” through diamond-hard concrete block I am distinctly going off the French penchant for burying everything in conduit. :confounded:

This is one of the reasons that dry lining is a good idea.

Yes, it would have made the cabling easier but at the expense of a lot more complexity overall - especially as I am useless at plastering.

In the end I got the “problem solver” drill out - I have a 1500W SDS drill which packs an 8J punch. Not quite as much as a dedicated chisel and a bit heavy so it is kept for the bigger jobs but definitely the tool for the job and progress is being made. Cutting the holes for the boîtes d’encastrement might yet be challenging though.

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