Galaxy S3 phone memory

Hi everyone, not strictly a computer but phones these days seem to do most of the stuff of a computer.

Point is, my galaxy s3 storage shows I have 1.97GB of total space in the Device memory however the applications are using 1.5GB and whenever anything tries to update, it can't as I don't have enough memory. Have deleted loads of stuff, just in case but nothing reduces the memory. Am totally confused as ~I only use the phone as a phone - there's no movies, no YouTube, small amount of Kindle and small amount of photos - how do I get rid of all these please,

Thank you

Actually Tracey - you make a very good point - the definition of a "computing device" has indeed changed. I think a change of name for the group is in order.

Now I guess we should come up with a catchy new name ;-)

Anyway, back to the point. While your waiting for your sd card to arrive - good advise Brian, you could try connecting you phone to your computer and move all the photos , music etc onto there for the moment.

Also check the cache settings for the apps you have on the phone, and clear them if it is safe to do so , that will free up some memory.

It's why it is always best to go for the 16GB+ version of smartphones these days, s they do indeed soon fill up.

Thanks for that Brian, had no idea it was so - why don't they tell you that when you buy it? Am really surprised as I hardly have any apps on it, certainly no games or movies which I thought were the high space users. Do they sell them in the phone shop?

Sorry I didn't reply earlier been very busy working, Sept/Oct is high season in wine country, will be haunting SFN more come November:-)