Garage near Ambazac/Limoges

This is a long shot I suspect. We’re currently living north of Limoges, in Grandmont near Ambazac, and I have a problem with my car - a Skoda Superb. (On the way over, the cruise control went wrong and it became apparent that the air conditioning isn’t working.) It’s a new car (to me) and still under warranty and the garage in England have said they just need a quote for the repairs in order to get approval for the repairs.

Does anyone know a garage that’s reliable that could provide this and do the work well? Please, please don’t suggest Pericaud Group in Limoges (the nearest official Skoda dealer). They charged €92.00 for a diagnosis, promised a quote the next day and I’m still waiting. They’re also ignoring emails asking where it’s got to.

Any help/recommendations much appreciated.

And stay well clear of Pericaud!

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what rotten luck…

@anon90504988 please can you suggest someone ??

We use this garage just on the Angoulême side of Roumazieres on the N141 out of Limoges and have found them reliable, honest and very capable. We bought our current car through them from Spain which they registered in Fraance for us. Can highly recommend…

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The place I have always used may be a little too far for you, but The Garage (literally called that LOL) in Droux, 87190, south of Bellac, have always been top notch for me. Family run by Bill and Colin who have always been incredibly helpful. Google Maps suggests they’re 35 mins away from you so I don’t know if you want to traipse that far, but I go 25 mins and find it’s worth it.


Did you buy it from a Skoda dealer in the UK and is it part of a Skoda warrantee or a third party warrantee?

I actually bought it from Cazoo, who I have to say have been brilliant! I’ve now managed to get the quote from the Skoda garage in Limoges and authority from Cazoo and the repairs are scheduled for January.

When I’m paying myself, I’ll look at using the alternatives suggested though. :slight_smile:


It got worse. I knocked the underside coming out of someone’s drive yesterday when we were househunting and may have damaged the exhaust. But local garage recommended by neighbour is taking care of that, so for now, I’m all sorted. x

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Hi Kirstea,

Having got nowhere with the local garage, I’m going to give them a try. :slight_smile: