Garden Bugs

Could someone let me know what the red and black beetles are that seem to be appearing throughout the garden? They look like ladybirds but aren't (I think). They don't fly and seem to be more active when it's sunny. I have seen them in other gardens so I know that they aren't exclusive to mine but can't seem to find anything on the internet. Are they bad for the plants and if so what's the best way to get rid of them without using chemicals if possible.


ahhh mosquitoes - the sun comes out and so to they and they lurve me! Any hints or tips on how to, at the very least, reduce the population? We use coils at night and plug-ins seem to work in the bedrooms but they are biting during the day too and I look like I have the lurgy now! Thanks in advance...

Spray your nectarine tree with Bordeaux the Spring...

Don't touch these nests or the caterpillars unless you're covered up and have gloves on...the hairs on their backs can make you come up in a bad rash. Keep pets and children away too...last year we had several nests...when the caterpillars came down the tree my husband and I tried to sweep them into a bucket...he developed a dreadful allergic rash all up his neck and face. We had to have the tree cut down this year.

I have them in the garden and I recon they are totally harmless so it's best to leave them to it and not try to get rid of them. After all they are part of nature and they must be there for a purpose (unlike mosquitoes, I don"t see the point in them).

that's them! thanks

brilliant post - and great replies... always wondered what they were! i'm allergic to loads of biting creatures - but these seem harmless - they are very busy little things and in abundance in my 'garden'

thanks all

Maybe "grillons"?

A different sort of bug but anyone know what they are? Since I hacked the grass back on my so-called lawn, have discovered a multitude of tunnels about 0.5" wide - there seems to be some sort of blackish beetle using them. They scurry back in so fast I haven't had a chance to get a good look. Any ideas?

Thanks so much for the replies - I will leave them alone to get on with their business now that I know they aren't bad bugs. Now I have to try to deal with the scary caterpillar nest which is about 10 metres up a pine tree (processionaires?) and await the the white fly invasion!

I think they are what the French call Gendarmes and seem to be harmless. I have alot in my garden.

Will this help?

We have them, even the little lizzards dont want to eat them saw a lizzard chase one when he caught it he backed of so they obviously dont taste nice

We've got loads of them too - they seem to especially like the hollyhocks and as Patricia says they don't seem to do any harm so I also live and let live. I think they're quite fascinating - as you say they enjoy the sun and always seem to be quite busy!

Hi Shona

Yes, we have these little bugs in ambundance and no matter what method we just can't get rid of them. They appear harmless to plants and flowers however, so we've just learned to live with them - they were here before we were!!

Happy Gardening!