Garden drainage

I have a shed with 50mm guttering and downpipe, however, I cannot find a supplier for the gutter stopends. My local Brico seems to have everything else but. The annoying thing is that another Brico has stopends in CREAM whereas I want them in GREY. I’ve tried online without success - those with gutter MUST carry the stop ends but don’t seem to ention them.

Can anyone direct me to a site that can supply 50mm GREY gutter stopends ???

Have you tried ebay and just get them delivered?

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Would this do?

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Or have you asked your Brico to order them in for you?


I think Brico Depot will have what you need.

thanks for that but ubfortunately the wrong size.


they have it

Point.P perhaps.

+1 Brico Depot, they have/had the grey and the cream.