Garden growing videos


I love watching these brief videos on gardening. Just thought I’d pass on the link in case they’d be of interest:

My favorites are numerous, including one on 8 natural ways to garden, herb garden planning, and garden design.

There’s a gridded garden planner that you can use online for free. I think you might have to subscribe to use it but other than that it’s free to use. Anyway. It’s that time of year when I am plotting my produce. :sunny:


Interesting link… cheers Mary…

Back in UK Gardening and Cooking … all those programmes could keep me enthralled.

Mr Smith’s Garden, Gardeners’ World… etc etc…

Thanks to YouTube… we can enjoy these treasures… and find even more…

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I’m smitten by which is the best resource for the amateur gardener I’ve met in a long time.


I took the Rustica magazine for a year… (special offer) then cancelled it when to continue would have cost money… :thinking: but it did give me 12 months of valuable information… which I read and reread for years afterwards… :hugs:

Rustica is wonderful, they publish various guides and their website is very handy.