Gardener help please - sticky issue - plus dog pics

We seem to have an issue that our cars and outdoor furniture are absolutely covered in a sticky residue - the problem seems to be getting worse.

Our garden has quite a few trees but neither the cars nor furniture are directly under them.

We are in 33570 near-ish to Bordeaux if it helps.

Any ideas what is causing it?

What trees are nearest ? Are any of them in flower at the moment.

Photos of the furniture/residue

There are oak trees nearby.

Honeydew from aphid infestation ?

And this one is for @Helen6

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So I may have been correct why I earlier exclaimed “oh sh*t what is this stuff”!


Yes, aphids are great poopers…and then it goes mouldy so you end up with ugly black sticky stuff. Axe the gym membership and get out a scrubbing brush. Oh, and encourage blue tits and wrens as they’ll eat the aphids.

Beautiful girl…:heart:

I’m sure Border Collies think that photos are just soooooo much more interesting when they have a Border Collie in them…x :smiley:


It is usually lime trees.

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yes, Jane. They are in full flower throughout our village and the scent is magnificent.

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Ive been complaining to the cat all day, because everything, house, washing in the garden, tonnelle, inc. Me and the cat, feel ever so slightly sticky. A lot of mowing going on but not many lime trees.

I have a little avenue of lime trees up to my house and there’s a month or so when I simply can’t park there in the lovely shade because of sticky aphid juice.

It can affect the paint finish on your car.
I was very allergic to lime pollen and was living in a first floor flat in Manchester at the time, flower height.
I had such painful earache that I was sent to the on site nurse, who gave me medication, but said that I should go home, but not take the pills until I had safely got off the train, otherwise I might end up in Scotland.
Strange being sent home to the country.

And another photo for @Helen6


Obsessed with a tennis ball as always!


She’s totally gorgeous Mat…tennis balls don’t last long with my girl…she likes to rip the fluff off them…x :slight_smile:

My boy if he can hold on to one long enough without her taking it off him would play for hours…

When the apples start falling my girl will choose one and then parade around with it daring him to try and take it off her…he could choose from another thousand fallen apples but he gets obsessed with the one she has…x :smile: