Gardening Business Opportunity

Hi - after building up a gardening business over the past few years we are now moving and so want to pass over the mantel to someone else who is keen, reliable and not afraid of a bit of hard work. If you’re interested in taking over my business please contact me. The work is based around an hours radius from Montcaret - so it would suit anyone who lives anywhere in this catchment area. could be An excellent start for a new gardener. Contact me on or phone 0553 233306


When are you thinking of stepping away from the business?



But the majority of the work won’t start until Spring - but one of his clients does want something done sooner if possible.

Hi Mat. I did reply to this but I don’t know if it worked. It is my husbands business and he has already stepped away so for the majority of his clients work will start again in the Spring - but one of his clients does want something done earlier if possible. Hope you get this this time. Regards Christine

Christine, I think that will be too early for us.

It is a shame as we are fairly close by and my wife is a very knowledgeable gardener (I would offer the labouring!) - and we are looking for an opportunity such as this.

Never mind Mat. It’s a lot easier to take over from someone than starting from scratch, which is what we did, but I’m sure you will manage it. Cheers Christine