Gardening manure

Hi all
Please could you let me if you know where I could buy decomposed manure for the garden.
Thank you

In general you can ask locally at riding stables for horse manure, and see also if your rubbish company operates a green waste scheme. Our does and you can go and get the composted green waste for a modest cost (you have to shovel and bag it up yourself).

Otherwise all garden centres will sell composted fumier.

If you live in Yonne ou the top half of the 21
If not type in to to your search engine composte then you area code…

Thank you very much for your response. I will head down to my local garden centre and check for composted fumier. Thank you once again, great help.

Fumier de cheval is what you’re looking for but it’s quite expensive to buy from garden centres if you need a large amount. I get horse manure from my local riding stables for free though I do have to dig it onto my trailer myself. They are only too pleased to get rid of it.

Thank you. I think that is a good option. I will find a local horse stable. Thank you