Garlic butter chicken curry

Turn the oven on to 160 degrees C

Peel one entire bulb of garlic - yes the whole thing! Garlic is very good for you, it thins your blood, which is great news as you are now going to melt 125 grams (or half a pack!) of salted butter in an oven proof dish.

Stock up on spices here

Peel a large thumb sized piece of ginger.

Select some fresh chillis. (See table below)

I used 4 Scotch Bonnets when I first made this. It was so hot I had to make another because nobody would eat it!

In your blender whizz the garlic, chilli and ginger with juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of mango chutney if you have it. You will have to add sunflower oil to this until you get a paste.

On top of the melting butter add one heaped teaspoon of turmeric, one of coriander powder and one of garam masala, stir until all the butter has melted and it starts to release the flavours. (A minute or two)

Chop 4 chicken breasts into bite size pieces and add them to the pan.

Add the garlic paste from your blender too.

Without cleaning out the blender add either one whole tin of plum tomatoes or four fresh tomatoes and whizz that up.

Pour that into the pan with the rest of it and throw in a handfull of curry leaves, about 30 or so. Stir it, cover it and put it in the oven for 90 minutes. You have cook it until the oil has separated which it will have done by then.


This is where I buy my ingredients

Heat table ( per Scotch bonnet)

1/2 mild

1 ooh la la

2 mon dieu

3 pass the yoghurt NOW!

4 Inedible to mortals

This is what it should look like before it goes in the oven.

TOP TIP! Never be without a freezer draw full of authentic Indian meals by freezing them in these foil containers. (For added authenticity drink too many pints of Kingfisher before eating).


You might also like to try for spices. They are based in France which makes the spices cheaper. I have ordered from them and found the service very good.


The comments on the tandoor have inspired me too! We have a bread oven, in fact two! I am going to get them going and see what can be done. They should crank up to a 600 degrees!

Hello James,

Very interesting. I will try it certainly. However I was born in India and have been cooking curries for many years as did my parents etc, back many generations so I claim some cultural expertise!

I would only change one thing, don't use butter, it is not an authentic ingredient, us ghee. This is simply unsalted butter boiled and skimmed of all the fats to produce unclarified butter.

Lovely taste,less cholesterol, higher boiling point and less fat!


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For anyone daunted by the task of peeling a whole garlic bulb - here's how to do it in a few seconds I've tried it and it works.


In the oven now!

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Going to make this again tonight :)

ok making this tomorrow - Darren brought mini poppadoms and mango chutney back from UK last week. Perfect recipe to go with them - thanks :)

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Haven't plucked up courage to do that yet. Have only had the oven since last September so it will certainly be in full use in a couple of months time. We had our oven delivered to a UK address as my husband was going over on a visit. I purchased online from They were very helpful and the oven was delivered on the day and time quoted. Be warned they are heavy ours is between 50-60 kilos. I agree Spices of India offer a fantastic service and use them regularly... we found that Indian food in France is just not the same. Our tastes are different and I have to bear this in mind when cooking for French friends and tone down the heat!

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I might just do that! Do you use it for naans too?


Loved this recipe!! I used 2 chillies… Worked a treat!! Will be making this time and time again!!
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Go the whole hog James and ship out a tandoori oven! We did last year because we love tandoori chicken and it beats a barbeque!

...and some good food.

If someone is for a visit in Paris: The "Little India" district near Gare du Nord in Paris offers also a lot of Indian spices.

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But "Spices of India" do an incredible range of Indian and Pakistani pickles as well as spices. Ahmad's and Mother's Recipe pickles untempered to the western taste are simply brilliant.

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Sounds yummy! Will try. I use this website for all my spices - you can translate to English if you get stuck with the names and it is free delivery in France!

Made this last night and it was a big hit! Even got the "you can make this anytime you want, baby" comment. That is quite an endorsement. Thanks for the recipe James; it has been added to the repertoire.

Yes please do Mary!

Jim, would you like me to post this recipe on the list of recipes? Looks so yum and I would like a reference to zip back to when I want to make it. Let me know :) Mary

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