Gas Extraction by Pressure Fracturing


This is an artlicle from theNew York Times December 2010. This has been kept under wraps till now.

Get in touch, get information, this is likely to affect everyone. Gina .

Well done Gina !

This seems to be a VERY DANGEROUS business and everyone should make themselves aware of what's going on in their area.

The GASLAND movie was dwidely available on the net until recently, but is mysteriously being taken down ... its not entirely clear why this is. As of this morning you can see the "trailer" at

There are a number of local meetings being held in the LOT (46) and a planned demo against drilling in the Cahors region on Saturday 26th March.

The really worrying aspect of this is the fact that is all shrouded in secrecy - nothing published on prefectoral websites, no information given to local Mairies, and the planned drilling in our area is by an Isle-of-Man company who also don't mention it on their website !

Bonne chance et bon courage ...

Here is another article about A Drilling site near Blackpoolscheduled to start in the near future. G.