Gas from EDF (post regulated prices)

I received a letter reminding me that regulated gas prices were coming to an end 30 June 2023 and that I had to sign a new contract before then. In fact I read it as 2022, and started to use the price comparator. In fact there were several offers cheaper than the regulated price, including Total and EDF, but when I looked at the detail the validity ended June 2022.
My first reaction was that they had been wasting my time, but perhaps they mean that is the last date to start the contract under those terms (?), but in any case they were clear that once you switched from regulated tarif there was no switching back.
One of the offers from EDF was a tarif 2% less than the regulated tarif (so why should you want to?)
But coming to the point of my question, I see that EDF have a serenity option, where the consumption tariff is fixed for 4 years! This seems too good to be true. The price kWh has apparently more than doubled. Does this mean that people who signed up before are getting their gas cheaper than cost?
Has anybody compared the EDF offers recently and formed a view on which is most interesting?
Dave, Oise

I’m currently on an EDF 4 year fixed price gas contract which ends this November.
Rate (HT) is €0.0433 kWh