Gas irony, more or less

Is is me?
I do find it odd that when registering an imported car in France we can pay a pollution tax based on the Co2 output but now there is a shortage of the stuff.


Wrong sort of CO2, I’m afraid.

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Is that like the wrong kind of snow the British Rail used to complain about?


I seem to remember that there was a shortage of CO2 in UK a couple of years ago, when carbonated drinks were the chief victim.

At the time we were still in the EU so had access to Dutch (if I recall correctly) supplies.

I had to smile from this comment taken from an article on Sky news. Seems the government will not bail out companies who in thier opinion have exercised bad practice.
Was paying up front for millions of PPE equipment that was not fit for purpose bad practice, or the eat out racket last summer a waste of money, or the false furlough claims that will never be recovered, and so it goes on.
The entire british government thrives on bad practice as probably not one of them has ever had s real job where they sink or swim on disisions about money, they play with it like it is a slush fund.
Worst of it is that all the squandering they have made since Boris has been PM will be forgotten by the british voter at election time as Boris and his one liners will win the day.
So pleased l live in France.


It’s another crisis manufactured in Tory-land, isn’t it? The UK went with gas solutions because they were easier and cheaper at the time - and of course fitted the ‘market knows best’ ideology - even though environmental scientists told them it was a mistake. And they’re still favouring gas - still insanely subsidising the installation of gas boilers - and now gas consumption.

Now we have the absurdity of further subsidising nitrogen fertiliser production - which again environmental scientists have been consistently saying should have been replaced by organic solutions - in order to secure more CO2 for meat production and long-life food packaging - both of which we should have been replacing with small-scale local organic farming !

They’re making a similar mistake again with hydrogen - adopting a mixed blue and green hydrogen ‘strategy’, which in practice will mean favouring blue production - which many environmental scientists believe will be more damaging than gas - because again it will be easier and cheaper. (France and the EU are going the ‘green’ hydrogen route.)

It’s ridiculous that the government is blaming the retail gas suppliers.

They were warned in 2016 what leaving the EU might to do gas prices and let the last large storage facility be decommissioned by its US owner on grounds of cost leaving us at the mercy of the market without even the ability to buffer higher winter prices (possibly still to come) with gas purchase in the cheaper summer months.

This government is starting to fail at the basics - goods on shelves, food on tables, power and energy for our homes.

It’s starting to look less a question of “if” there will be riots but “when”.

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The price of gas is going to cause hardship and especially to those who will no longer receive the £20.00 uplift.
The shortage of both butchers and Co2 in slaughterhouses is resulting in pigs having to be killed on farm and not entering the food chain and more than likely bankrupting pig farmers.
The shortage of CO2 is affecting the food chain as it is needed in the packaging process for many meats on trays etc.
The shortage of HGV drivers is affecting everything and yet Grant Shapps is only now considering allowing HGV drivers in so that Christmas won’t be badly affected by shortages of food on supermarket shelves.
Dogma is ruling the UK, there is not a wit of common sense among this Tory Cabinet, or they would be resigning.
They don’t give a damn about farmers or growers, yet are considering bringing in the troops to drive fuel to petrol stations.
Excuse me while I vomit.

I’m hoping it does get much and we have a winter of mass, discontent! Perhaps then we can get rid of the Tories , but I won’t hold my breath.

The last winter of discontent was during the Labour Government of James Callaghan when council workers went on strike and you couldn’t bury your granny.

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Unfortunately, this applies to the whole of the government on both side of the house, and up in the corners. Each and everyone of them, bar maybe a handful are a waste of oxygen.

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There’s probably common sense but it is wilfully suppressed.

What there isn’t, is any sense of shame.


CF Industries was not the only fertiliser company to halt its production of CO2, with a host of other EU fertiliser companies also stopping or significantly reducing their production, either for scheduled maintenance or as a result of the soaring gas costs.

Is there a CO2 problem in France?
We use food-grade CO2 in 15kg cylinders, the price has always been high but there are no issues with refills.
I don’t think we can compare the UK’s CO2 issues with the French attempts to discourage the purchase of high CO2 output vehicles.
I most certainly would not use vehicle grade CO2 in our beers :wink: