Gas Saffe UK

Hello all,

I need to speak to Gas Safe in the UK but they only have an 0800 number. Does anybody have a number that we can call from France? (No reply to email I sent them and it is very urgent)

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One quick question John. They are talking about putting a combi boiler in her bedroom now. How would you feel about that?

Completely agree Bernadette, gas safe, just another level of nonsense. Been out to a Landlords property, certificate 3 days old. Couldn't have tested the boiler emission as it wouldn't fire up because of a broken thermocouple, the fan ran but no ignition so how did it pass? Same company on another property (same landlord) live gas leak from the cooker gas supply pipe (compression fitting) not legal, no safety chain on the cooker, certificate 7 days old. Money for old rope! Good luck with that, I am not gas safe registered but work safer than those who are after 16 years working on gas.

do you have a uk mobile?

or skype maybe

Thank you Neil,

Tried that but it would not go through - I think because we only have a broadband phone.

I will go to ROSPA in the morning and get their guys on the case. An engineer has been out to my daughters boiler four times in the past year and gave it a safety cert. Yesterday it was condemned because the soot build up in the flue ignited. He has now arranged an urgent replacement and I am trying to get the eisting boiler inspected before he removes all evidence.

He could kill somebody at the rate he is going and needs to be stopped. Always a cowboy out there!

You should be able to call the 0800 number by dialing +44800 from France.
Hope this helps.