Gaz in cisterns

Hi all,

We’re in the process of buying a house with gas central heating. Being in a small village, it’s a tank in the back garden rather than mains. The existing tank appears to belong to TotalGaz. Does that mean we’d have to buy our propane from TotalGaz or can anyone fill it?

Also, can we fit any boiler, or are there special boilers for cistern gas?

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Just to follow up on this thread, apparently TotalGaz will charge us to remove the tank if it's not empty, but apparently it is and everything is in order in terms of contracts and transfers from the old owners. So no nasty surprises there.

They are now insisting on giving us a quote, which we already know will be more than Butagaz even if it's subsidised for a year or two, but we couldn't talk them out of it. But we're probably going to go with Butagaz, as they'll bury the cistern for free (doesn't bother me, but my wife is chuffed about that), their rates are competitive without applying new starter discounts, etc. and they'll give us up to 5,000€ interest free on our new boiler, plus 500€ cashback against our gas. So all in all, feels like a decent deal and we won't have to stump up a penny up front, nor will we be subject to any interest. =)

Ours is just on blocks behind the garage, so easily accessible. That's a bloody good point about the deposit on it though! Will ask the notaire.

We are with Antargaz and theoretically the tank that is buried in the veggie patch is on deposit, ie if we give it back we get 12,000 Fr (2,000€) but I don't know (but have an idea), who pays to have it taken out. I also don't know what would happen if we sold the place, would the new owner have to take over the "ownership" or what.

Check that you buy a boiler that doesn't consume too much just for hot water. We now have an air/air heat pump that works OK but current boiler still consumes far too much gas just for the hot water.

Next time we will think out the plumbing solutions xteen times before deciding. If in doubt Insulate

ha! know that feeling Greg, we were sure we'd put it somewhere safe...!

Bonne chasse !

Which reminds me, I'll also have to find the "separate bag" that came with the cooker. D'oh! I know it's here somewhere...

not that I know of except the big industrial size bottles that weigh a tonne! with the tank the lorry comes round every 6 months and tops up that way you don't even have to think about checking and ordering. Obviously you don't have to change any nozzles if you don't change gas type Ben, but I was talking about new boilers/cookers etc which are usually delivered with the mains gas nozzles and a set of bottled gas ones in a separate bag ;-)

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the reply - the current TotalGaz propane tank is huge! I’d rather fill that (or something similar) once a year than traipse back and forth to the nearest petrol station on a monthly basis with half a dozen bottles. Are there any half way solutions, or is it enormous cistern/small bottles and that’s it?

Hi Greg: you don't have to replace any nozzles. Propane is propane, regardless of the supplier. Once you've made your choice between propane and methane it's time to exchange the nozzles for the methane..

If you choose not to fill the Totalgaz propane tank, you could still switch on gas bottles from other suppliers. Usually they provide the pressure adaptors required, just ask for it.

Thanks Andrew - I thought that might be the case. I notice some companies are offering cheap boiler fitting, etc. if you change to them for the cistern, so will investigate that. I guess that's the way they get people to switch!

We'll have a plumber fit the new boiler anyway, so they'll know what to do about nozzles. As long as I know I can get pricing estimates by looking at normal boilers. I'm just heading off any potential "ahh, but you need a *special* boiler" bollocks, should such a conversation materialise. ;-)

We had one at our last place, we were locked into totalgaz and I think that's always the case. as for any boiler - it's like gas cookers - you can use any gas appliance but you usually have to change the nozzles (different ones for mains gas or bottled)