GB News Goes Live Tonight (9pm in France)

This should be interesting. If they even manage to do half of what they promise, it’s going to make a pleasant change.

Freesat channel 216.

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Thanks - I’ve already blocked it on my box!


Glad to see that you’re giving them a fair shake.

Good idea Brian - I’ll do the same!


I will be having a look, never hurts to get another opinion.

Will give them a run and then make my decision as to whether I continue to watch

Given the characters who will be presenting I feel that I have…


had a whole day yesterday of nothing but French TV including news and music - absolute bliss!

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Murdoch backed UK clone of Fox news - why would I give it any  shake, much less a fair one?


I think that you are incorrect:

Who’s backing GB News?

The venture has secured £60m in funding, £20m of which came from US media giant Discovery. The remainder is from Dubai-based investment firm Legatum and hedge fund manager Sir Paul Marshall.

Worried that you might be exposed to wrongthink, Citizen?

Hardly as the last time I checked I was still in possession of a working brain.

But the claims have been that it is going to model itself heavily on Fox - which, admittedly is successful, but with only the most tenuous connection to the truth.


I liked Fox News when it was the mirror image of CNN.

As with Russia Today and Al-Jezera, the truth was always somewhere in the middle.

I heard that they are waging war on political correctness. They can add Wokism to that as well.
I will have a look and then form a view.

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A reasonable approach, I’d have to admit.

It seems Peter is correct and Murdoch is not behind GB News - the fact that it is of only peripheral interest to me and that there are multiple references to both in the same reports led me to the wrong conclusion. However Andrew Neil is a key participant and he is well known for his right wing views. He is quoted as saying:

There is this myth among the right wing that the media - particularly the BBC - is pushing a “leftie liberal” agenda; I really don’t see it. Certainly mainstream BBC news toes the government line, hardly ever calls out obvious lies by Tories, yet grills Labour politicians relentlessly often with absolutely meaningless questions.

I don’t think the UK needs another ultra right wing media outlet.


Andrew Neil is looking rougher than a badger’s…

Al Jazeera makes a reasonable attempt at impartiality, given its circumstances; Russia Today can be useful if you want a Russian perspective on world events - but there is no political ‘balance’ in the range of media you mention Guy - they go from those attempting a centrist idea of impartiality, to those very much on the political right. What do you watch/read for a left political perspective? - which is of course the only place you’re likely to find ‘the truth’!

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It’s definitely a myth - there are numerous academic studies that definitively demonstrate the BBC’s right-wing bias.


I’ve browsed the “CVs” and some of them are quite amusing.

Such as Neil Oliver who states “I stand up for myself and tell the truth. I won’t be shut down, silenced or cancelled” and then a few lines later says “You never know who you’re standing next to in the pub, so mind what you say out loud”.

Alex Phillips is an ex Brexit Party MEP.

Colin Brazier writes "regularly for the Catholic Herald, Spectator and Daily Mail. No doubt he’d be writing for the Völkischer Beobachter too if it was still around.

Kirsty Gallacher brings some heavyweight political insight having previously presented Ant Versus Dec on Saturday Night Takeaway, Gladiators, Kirsty’s Home Videos, Simply the Best and the reality series The Games.

It’s be interesting to see how this all pans out.


Not least of all Laura Kuenssberg.

I’ve not heard of her, but would I be right in thinking she’s an attractive young woman?
(I don’t know why I’m even asking - these right-wingers are soooo predictable, aren’t they?)