GB News Goes Live Tonight (9pm in France)

She is the daughter of Bernard Gallacher the golfer, she is a sports journalist who has fronted Sky Sports News for many years, really nice woman who I have met quite a bit over the years as I know her brother Jamie.


I suspect that most of the staffers at GBNews will be overweight, middle-aged (or older) white men with ruddy cheeks or young, slim, women.


Nope, I won’t be watching. I live in France not GB so prefer to watch French news channels about France. It’s so refreshing to almost never hear anything about Brexit. I’m sure there’ll be clips shared on Twitter, however, but I’ll equally try to avoid those.


don’t think he has backed in anyway.
Blocking it before seeing it is just the kind of ammunition they want better to watch it and then write a considered critique.
Farage on in the first hour, says it all, cut him off in mid flow as adds came on with a real tech mess!

Yes, as I said earlier quite a lot of articles saying things like “…based on Murdoch’s Fox News…” which led me to believe he was involved, it seems he isn’t but that still leaves a massively right wing front man who somehow believes that the “woke left” is over-represented in mainstream British media.

undoubtedly going to be right wing…Will be interesting to see if it takes viewers off the Beeb who get fed up with Beeb paranoia of having to be so even handed all they do is reduce and devaliue interviews to enable “spokes person” (!) to spout they organisation’s official line.

Alistair Stewart is looking a little Dracula like in his mugshot on their website. Definitely something of the undead about him these days.

I’m tempted to photoshop in some fangs.

Between Count Alistair, Dan Wooton or ‘Poundland Piers’ as he’s known in the industry due to his desperation to be seen as the heir apparent to Morgan, a woman who won The Apprentice, a bloke whose only claim to fame is being “that Scotsman with the nice soothing voice from BBC2’s Coast” and Simon McCoy formerly of the BBC, whose GB News press shot seems to suggest he’s acquired Frankie Howerd’s toupee especially for his new job…
…this seems like it’s going to be more entertaining than a rolling news channel featuring only Alan Partridge and Richard Madeley trying to ‘out Partridge’ each other.

There was actually meant to be a FOX News U.K which maybe where some confusion is, a lot of the press referenced it as a GBN vs. FNUK battle, two new conservative networks starting. It was announced the same time-ish as GB News first was and had been in the works for some time.

Originally it was meant to be a full 24/7 rolling news channel, but then because news channels are eye wateringly expensive it was reduced to being some kind of prime time block, they weren’t going to do rolling news during the day, just a series of shows like FN US has from 6pm to midnight that were opinion shows, U.K. versions of things like The O’Reilly Factor, Tucker Carlson, Neil Cavuto, those horrific shows where people just lie and fear monger for two hours to rile up elderly racists and rednecks. Then I heard it was being dropped altogether from TV and would just be some kind of streaming channel like BBC3 etc, and then I heard rumours it was being killed entirely due to News Corp’s money woes, but I’m not sure if that is just a rumour.

There was also meant to be a new NBC Sky World News news channel starting too, Comcast put huge sums of money into it, built new studios and newsrooms at 30 Rock in NYC and a new massive complex at Sky in Osterley then as far as I’m aware that all got scrapped too, so all you can say is good on GB News for at least getting something on air.

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Watched 30 seconds of some hectoring youngish, self-satisfied man. I won’t be watching again.


Yes, by all accounts I dodn’t miss anything by not watching.

Caught up with some work and the first episode of Loki, which I suspect was way better.


Here’s what the Guardian made of it. GB News sounds like toxic dross to me.

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As the article says - if to be “woke” is to be sensitive to (and presumably against) injustice and racism then to declare yourself anti-woke is functionally equivalent to declaring yourself a racist bigot.

A bit like booing footballers who “take the knee”.


Booing= votes. I read this recently, cannot remember where :thinking:

A leftist view here - more insightful than The Guardian piece I think - the key point is that it’s not really aimed at either informing or persuading it’s own viewers, but at confecting controversies that then dominate news and debate on other channels and media.
It is, in reality, an anti-news channel.


I have never heard of Novara Media.
If you cannot tell the difference between genuine reporting and opinion based journalism, tough.

It’s not aimed at people who can “tell the difference between genuine reporting and opinion based journalism”. It’s aimed at the baying, grunting masses who can’t.

But those masses have a vote, and that vote will keep the right wing in power as long as the centre/left is split.

It is here that the US has an advantage - it really is a pure two-horse race there, imagine if Trump had faced an opposition split between two parties one with 75% and one with 25% of the left wing support.

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But who has the advantage at the moment , the extreme right or the wokists?

Do you honestly believe the centre left has any advantage at the present time?

Or the centre right, or the left right.
BoJo has effectively got rid of anybody worthy of a seat in Parliament.
Although I have to say that our Tory MP got up in the House and said that the girls of Stroud High School, our daughters; old school, had called her in to show her the amount of sexual harassment they were receiving on a daily basis.
I can’t help feeling that BoJo is not the person to whom one should address this problem.


I can’t help feeling that you may have made a slight understatement there, Jane :rofl:


Nor any of the brood of appalling misfits