Gender ‘Apartheid’ in Iran

Let’s hope that the young modern educated women of Iran do become the comet that wipes out the dinosaurs of a corrupt, repressive and brutal regime.

I’ve just read that these dinosaurs have only three aims – “Death to America”, “Death to Israel”, and “The compulsory veiling of Women”.

These are the diktats of powerful and hateful old men, guilty of gender apartheid – time they went.

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Trouble is, it needs a fundamental change to “Islam”, not forgetting that a lot of the young , brainwashed Iranian men probably want to become like their current leaders. Absolute power corrupts absolutely

You may be right but this time there seems to be much more support from modern young men, students, merchants, oil workers and others.

As in Ukraine a brutal response may well engender a greater consolidated outrage right across Iran.

Good heavens…!

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We can hope it’s true, but what will they replace it with?