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Does anyone know of a Mobile Phone Service Provider, offering a Family Plan of some kind? Our current subscription is due to come to an end quite soon and we are looking for a new, better one. Thanks !!

We wanted a pay as you go mobile where the credit did not expire and found one!

4Euros for the SIM and then it works just like a UK payg and works in the UK as well.


Andrew - YIppee!! I have just got off the phone with Tele2, and asked them about the 2,99 deal. Yes - they DO have it! But why are they keeping so darned quiet about this? I have now changed my 30 mins per month at at cost of €14 for 2 hours for €2.99. Thanks very much for the information. I would never have known about it without the help.

The 2,99€ a month is for existing customers so if you're with télé2 you should have had the option of switching to virgin and be eligeable for the offer...? worth looking into ;-)

Thanks Keith. Perhaps I should get the cheapo €2 Free service just for a spare and then look for a second one with more options. We could then use the other better service to take overseas.

I have been looking again today and found a site Comparatif Offre Mobile. There is nothing for 2 hours at 2€99 available anywhere that I can find :-( The cheapest rate offered is 21€ a month for 1 hour. I will try and give them a call today and see if they have something they don't tell anybody about. There is also an offer by SFR Red, at 4€99 a month for 2 hours. I did ask for International Service, by the way. According to my profile, it has been activated but it doesn't seem to work. I have been buying SIM cards while overseas but it would still be good to be able to make instant contact on arrival as you normally have to go into a T-Mobile or whatever supplier to get the SIM sorted out.

was with télé2 from the start, 6 or 7 years ago, after being with sfr before that. Virgin took over télé2 about a year ago if I remember correctly and I was paying around 10€ for 2 hours which remained until a recent promotion, OH and I now have the 2 hours for 2,99€ a month... You need to speak to them! International service isn't automatic either - you have to ask for it, it's free but you still need to ask and get them to add it to your options. Bonne chance ;-)

When we tried to make a call while in the Airport in Miami, using Tele2, we got a message saying that no network could be found. Zilch ... And it is costing us 14€ for 30 mins. a month!! We took our subscription here in France. Perhaps it is better/different going through Virgin?

télé2 is now virgin, never had a problem with international calls with them, only been back to the Uk twice in the last 5 years but no hassle. currently pay 2,99€ a month for 2 hours ;-)

Hi James; Funnily enough, I was looking at Free just moments ago. They are offering some 2€ abonnement, which is SO cheap I can't believe it can be true. We have unlimited international calls with our fixed line and don't use the mobile all that much.I only need to be able to find my husband when he is wandering along the river bank etc.,and thought that with a family plan, we could contact each other. We are currently with Tele2. I applied for international access some time ago but found that when we arrived in Miami International Airport at midnight in December, we had no access and there were NO public phones. I had to go begging strangers to call our son to let him know where we were. It took us 4 hours to find him in the middle of the night. I therefore need to make a few calls when overseas , which I can't do apparently with them.So, bye bye Tele2

We use

There is no family plan but it's cheap at 20€ pm for unlimited data, calls and texts